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How to prepare healthy dishes with the best meat for BBQ

best meat for BBQ

How to prepare healthy dishes with the best meat for BBQ

After feasting on decadent treats during the festive season, starting to eat clean and choosing to prepare healthier foods can seem like a chore.

If you’re looking to change up your diet to increase your protein intake while keeping the dishes you prepare relatively healthy, you can start by purchasing the best meat for BBQ to make some nutritious and delicious dishes.

Pork, lamb, and beef are some of the most popular meat options for grilling or smoking. Not only are they a great source of protein but you can also make a variety of healthy dishes using these meats. Here are some pointers you can keep in mind the next time you grill meat.

1. Select the best cuts of meat

When preparing pork, make sure to choose the pork shoulder as it can be cooked slowly on low heat to retain its moisture.

If you want to grill the meat, try using pork ribs as they’re a classic cut of meat that contain the most flavour and are perfect for grilling.

Lamb leg and shoulder are probably two of the best cuts you can use to make the perfect grilled dish as they contain a substantial amount of meat.

Lamb ribs are a great option if you prefer to grill your protein. With the right seasonings, you’ll be able to achieve a flavourful lamb dish.

While the rib-eye steak is the perfect cut of beef to grill, brisket and sirloin are equally ideal when it comes to grilling. If you’re looking for a cut of meat that cooks quickly, try grilling beef sirloin for a flavourful meat dish.

2. Prepare the meat

Now that you’re familiar with the best cuts of meat for grilling, following a certain process to keep the dishes as healthy as possible is crucial.

You can start by trimming the excess fat from the meat to reduce the fat content.
Once this is done, season your meat with a seasoning mix of dried herbs and spices to boost the flavour.

Make sure to thoroughly cook the meat on the grill at low to medium heat until it’s cooked through.

3. Include some healthy sides to accompany the meat

To make a full meal with grilled meat as your focal dish, put together a quick salad that’s full of fresh vegetables and toss it with a healthy dressing that’s flavoured with a smoky, mustard sauce.

While grilling the best meat for BBQ, you can also grill some vegetables such as potatoes and carrots. You can choose to lightly season them with a spicy seasoning before grilling for more flavour.

The best meat for BBQ: Create amazing flavour profiles for a healthy start this year

The best way to prepare healthy meat dishes is to ensure you use high-quality ingredients, marinate the meat for added flavour, and cook it at the correct temperature.

In addition, try to use a variety of different cuts of meat and vegetables to create a balanced and nutritious meal. With these steps in mind, you can create delicious and healthy dishes that everyone can enjoy.

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