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How to prepare the most tantalising grilled Thanksgiving turkey post-Thanksgiving

How to prepare the most tantalising grilled Thanksgiving turkey post-Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is done and dusted and everyone is already getting ready for Christmas. But what if you didn’t get to celebrate Turkey Day or decided to celebrate it late? You don’t have to miss out on the roasted turkey fun— an essential part of any Thanksgiving feast.

When cooked right you’re guaranteed to get a flavourful, tender bird. If you’re not too confident in cooking turkey or you don’t have the right recipe you might end up with a dry, flavourless roast.

While you can opt for a store-bought turkey to reduce the stress and hassle of planning the other aspects of a post-Thanksgiving feast, it can never replicate the delightful flavours of a homemade turkey.

Preparing a grilled Thanksgiving turkey isn’t as intimidating as you might think. By following a few simple steps, you can compensate for the late celebration and prepare the best Thanksgiving turkey you’ve ever made for your family and friends.

For the best grilled Thanksgiving turkey, the prep work is the most crucial part of the process. Once you’ve perfected this stage of the cooking process, you’ll be greeted with the most tantalising Thanksgiving turkey.

1. Pick the right turkey

Be picky about the bird you choose to cook. When shopping for turkey, don’t pick the very first bird you see. Read the fine print and select a turkey that hasn’t been pretreated with preservatives or artificial flavourings.

Most turkeys are pre-brined to speed up the cooking time. Find out the percentage of the solution that has been used on the turkey. The lower the better as it allows you to enhance the flavour with your own brine and seasonings.

2. Brine the turkey

If you didn’t opt for a pre-brined turkey, you’ll have to brine the turkey. Brining a turkey before grilling ensures that the meat is cooked in a way that retains moisture while enhancing its flavour. Since turkey is quite a bland protein, using a brine solution will create a delicious flavour profile.

Try using a brine that’s full of rich herbs and garlic for a unique flavour that tastes even better once the turkey has been grilled. Always make sure that you brine the turkey in a container large enough to hold it. If you want to enhance the crispiness of the turkey skin upon grilling, let the turkey rest on a wire rack in the fridge after it has been brined.

3. Grill the turkey

When grilling the turkey, you want to make sure that there’s enough space around the bird for the heat to spread, which allows the turkey to cook thoroughly and evenly. If your grill isn’t spacious enough for the turkey, you can use a smoker to cook the turkey as it retains heat better, keeps the temperature consistent, and might even have room for two turkeys.

Make sure to keep an aluminium pan to collect the drippings from the turkey for the gravy. Don’t forget to fill the pan half an inch with chicken or turkey stock before to prevent the drippings from burning.

The optimal temperature for grilling a turkey is 176℃. By adjusting the air dampers on your grill, you can maintain the ideal temperature and cook your turkey perfectly without drying it out.

Brighten up your post-Thanksgiving celebrations with a grilled Thanksgiving turkey

Since you’re switching things up with a post-Thanksgiving celebration, why not switch out your usual turkey recipe with a grilled Thanksgiving turkey this festive season?

You no longer have to worry about serving up a bland, flavourless turkey on your dinner table. With the right turkey and the ideal rubs and seasonings, you’ll be able to prepare the most delectable grilled turkey to add to the holiday festivities.

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