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How to make BBQ marinade for chicken: 4 simple methods

How to make BBQ marinade for chicken: 4 simple methods

Out of many of the items you find on every dinner table, whatever the meat, chicken is always a staple. That being said, it is always easy to run out of ways to prepare chicken in ways that will satisfy everyone’s taste buds. Remember, no one likes a bland chicken dish.

Whether it tastes like any regular or restaurant-quality chicken depends on the type of marinade you use before cooking the meat, whether you opt to grill, smoke, or even bake it. Not only does a good marinade add a lot of flavours but it also adds moisture and tenderises the meat.

But if you’ve hit a roadblock on what makes a good marinade or are tired of the usual marinades you use, here are 4 simple methods on how to make BBQ marinade for chicken.

1. Marinade using flavourful seasonings and rubs

You would need a flavourful seasoning or rub for this marinade. Ranging from BBQ rubs to BBQ seasonings which are guaranteed to pack a punch in the cut of chicken you use, any smokey rub or seasoning is bound to get into each crevice of the chicken.

A gentle rub of the rub or seasoning on both sides of a chicken breast, for example, before firing up the grill will give the exact juicy texture and melt-in-your-mouth tenderness you’re looking for.

The various flavours available allow you to experiment with the different seasonings and rubs, and the end product will be guaranteed a chef’s kiss.

2. Marinade using BBQ sauce

If you’re looking to spruce up your dinner table tonight, a BBQ sauce should be your go-to without a second thought.

It’s the ultimate sauce that’ll never make you want an alternative again. What’s so good about our sauces is the wide array of flavours that allows space for you to experiment and find the taste you prefer.

Grilled or smoked chicken on a charcoal fire, topped with the sweet and spicy sauce is the ultimate BBQ marinade for chicken. An explosion in your taste buds is to be expected.

3. Marinade using a BBQ injection

To avoid embarrassment at your next gathering by serving dry and bland chicken breasts, why not try a BBQ-flavoured injection?

As it’s formulated to add moisture and flavour to every bite, you’re guaranteed to serve up the juiciest and most flavoursome piece of chicken every time.

Every time your guests take a bite of this juicy tenderness, they will be met with an explosion of delicious flavours.

4. Marinade using BBQ brine

Looking to prepare wings for the Sunday game and don’t know how to make BBQ marinade for chicken wings?

Nothing screams flavour like submerging your chicken wings in a scrumptious BBQ brine. Every bite your guests take into these popular appetisers will feel like the first bite, every time.

The crispy outer layer once fried or baked to perfection, along with the succulent and tender meat of the chicken wings, will leave everyone wanting more.

Stop wondering how to make BBQ marinade for chicken with these 4 easy methods

These 4 easy methods on how to make BBQ marinade for chicken are going to keep your friends and family satisfied and keep them coming back.

Get a bunch of BBQ-flavoured products, like brines and BBQ marinades, to ensure flavourful chicken every single time!

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