Easy beef steak marinade for the weekend

There’s nothing quite like a premium steak. But it’s not always possible (or financially savvy) to shell out for the best cut every time we crave a juicy piece of meat.  This is where a great marinade comes in handy. With the right marinade, you can give any beef steak a burst of flavour that […]

4 easy mustard dipping sauce for grilled meat

It goes without saying that when it comes to grilling meat, it’s crucial to get the cook of the meat just right. But what really makes a juicy and succulent piece of meat a hit is a tangy and flavoursome dipping sauce. Anyone who considers themselves a true fan of the grill will tell you […]

Grilling your way to a healthier you in 2022

The irresistible smokey flavour, the mouthwatering marinades, and perfectly placed grill marks are all things we love about a good plate of grilled food.  It being much better for you than its fried counterparts is just a happy coincidence. We’re still settling into 2022, so it’s also the perfect option to keep up with our […]

Our top 3 favourite brisket preparation styles!

Not to be confused with biscuits, briskets are a cut of meat which is usually the breast or the lower chest section of the animal. While sold boneless, this can still be a toughie to cook up.  Briskets are a go-to dish amongst home cooks, which is no surprise because who wouldn’t enjoy sinking their […]

The best grilled chicken recipes you can try at home

An easy-to-make grilled recipe that can keep your heart content and stomachs full, anytime anywhere, is too good of an offer to pass.  Maybe this is what makes grilled chicken an all-time favourite. It’s versatile and easy to make, meaning you get more than one mouth-watering recipe with just a couple of steps and a […]