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10 Tips for Grilling Success

Butt Rub
Cooking With Butt Rub 01 – Essential Tools/Butt Rub Wings
Cooking With Butt Rub 02 – Butt Rub Grilled Catfish
Cooking With Butt Rub 03 – Shrimp Trifecta
Cooking With Butt Rub 04 – Butt Rub/Apple Glazed Pork Ribs

Oakridge BBQ
            How to barbeque with Oakridge BBQ Rubs

Big Poppa Smokers
            Infographic on to how to apply rubs

Kansas City BBQ Society (KCBS) 

BBQ TV is available through 2 channels:

Making BBQ at home with The Kansas City BBQ Store

How to cook Competition BBQ Pork Butt

How to Turn Rubs into Marinades (or use rubs in high humidity)

Mad Max’s Turkey and Gravy

Deejay’s Beginners Guide to Smoking Food  There’s a lot of useful info here…

Butcher BBQ Videos

How to Grill A Holiday Turkey by John Thomas

Kungfu BBQ UKA great blog with excellent recipes for grill & smoker

Barbechoo – BBQ Know-How for Beginners – an excellent resource for newbies and old hands.

Meat Church

A Guide to Smoking Woods