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What Are The Best Meat For BBQ Grilling?

easiest meats to grill

What Are The Best Meat For BBQ Grilling?

To paraphrase the seasonally appropriate Frank Sinatra, “The weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful”—and what better way to enjoy that warmth than around the grill.

Firing up your grill is a great way to tie in the festive cheer and share a hearty, delicious meal with your loved ones. 

Imagine the smell of burnt charcoal, the sizzle of succulent meats over the pan, and the eager faces around a festive table ready to serve up seconds and thirds to their heart’s content. 

Whether you are looking to host a party or enjoy a casual, quiet weekend with your friends and family, it doesn’t take toiling all day to impress with mouthwatering recipes. 

Here are our suggestions for the easiest meats to grill this season!

Beef kebabs

The cooking time for perfectly grilled kebabs is approximately 12–15 minutes; this makes it a low-effort, delicious dish to serve up for a larger crowd. Kebabs are also a great way to get everyone involved during prep time. 

Simply cut your meats into uniform cubes with a diameter of 2 inches and skewer them along with the veggies of your choice—onions, capsicums, or potatoes are popular choices. 

Once skewered, the fun begins!

Make sure you preheat the stove and grill your kebabs nice and hot.

Kebabs are champions of flavour and prove their versatility by letting you season them as you see fit. No matter what your preferences are for your seasoning, the real secret in hitting that sweet spot is grilling them to tender perfection. 


Chicken is the go-to option and holy grail of any grill experience. 

If you are looking for the best and easiest meat to grill—chicken thighs are just the meat cuts you need. 

Talk to experienced grillers and they will tell you that this part of the chicken, especially with the skin left on, is superior to any other cut. 

Chicken thighs have a high fat content, which means they can pack a punch with their intense, rich flavour in comparison to their white meat counterparts, and will not dry out easily. 

To get the best out of your grilled chicken; remember to season it well. These cuts of meat take approximately 10 to 13 minutes to grill, look for those beautiful grill marks and wait till your chicken turns golden-brown, so it looks as good as it will taste. 


Grilled turkey is a definite must-try. With an incredible marinade, your turkey can be the highlight of the party. 

Grilled turkey comes out tender and juicy, with the heat from the grill infusing an extra smoky flavour to the meat.

Although this meat takes longer than the rest to cook, it can also retain its moisture well while being cooked. To speed up the grilling process look towards turkey cutlets that are comparatively smaller in size but offer the same taste.

Turkey is just one of those meats that are a perfect complement to the other dishes you have set such as your salads and boiled vegetables. 

This dish is best paired with either a sweet, tangy cranberry sauce or a sharper soy-ginger sauce. 

Pork chops

Pork chops are a staple grilled meat that leaves everyone craving more!

They are the easiest to eat and taste just as amazing. This grill time requires very little hands-on action. That said, to get the best out of this meat, especially pork ribs, keep it on lower heat for a longer time.

When cooking your pork cuts, make sure your grill is set to medium heat and rotate them from time to time to get that nice, even grill. To enhance the flavour of your pork cuts, throw some flavoured chips on the fire. 

Enjoy the season with the easiest meat to grill 

Why limit yourself to enjoying the best grilled feast once?

Enjoy experimenting with new flavours and grilling recipes that will win you the title of grill whisperer, while delivering meals that will keep you and your loved ones warm this winter season. 

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