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Impress any vegetarian with these vegetarian BBQ ideas

Vegetarian BBQ ideas

Impress any vegetarian with these vegetarian BBQ ideas

Whether you’re a hardcore vegetarian or just trying to add more veggies to your cookout, there are many vegetarian BBQ ideas that can add some flavour—and colour—to your table.

Plus, eating all that meat can sometimes make you feel guilty, so adding some veggies to the grill can also make you feel good about your choices.

In addition, If you have vegetarian guests coming over for your next cookout, you must know a few handy vegetarian BBQ ideas to wow them.

So, if you’re looking for some inspiration, here are a few vegetarian BBQ recipes that we think every grill master should know.

Grilled cauliflower tacos

Everyone prefers to have a light meal when it’s hot outside—grilled cauliflower tacos are an excellent choice for this situation and cauliflower is also the perfect vegetable if you’re looking to replace meat.

Toss the cauliflower in some herbs and spices and throw it on the grill for about 20 minutes on medium—you can even use rubs or seasonings to enhance the depth of flavour. Pair it with some mango slaw and avocado crema and you have a runaway success.

You can also substitute the cauliflower for grilled fish or even add some sliced grilled beef for meat lovers.

Grilled tofu steaks

Tofu isn’t the most popular choice, and we’re sure that it’s not something you’d find in many households, but you might want to stock up on tofu for your next cookout. When cooked with the right seasoning and accompaniments, it can keep your guests coming back for more.

To make a stunning grilled tofu steak, cut the tofu into slabs and coat it with a sauce to add some flavour and then cover it with a mixture of breadcrumbs and seasoning. 

Once it’s ready, toss it in a grill pan and let it cook on medium heat.

Then, you can cut it into small squares and mix them with some salad or serve the grilled slabs of tofu like a hotdog with all the fixings.

And for the meat-lovers? 

There’s nothing like a perfectly seasoned beef steak or some smoked sausages to take your cookout to the next level—be sure to coat them with a sauce for that extra hit of flavour.

Grilled veggie burgers

Some of you may wonder if veggie patties can be grilled, as they may not have the same consistency as meat patties. But, we have the perfect vegetarian BBQ idea to put your veggie burger over the edge.

Combine sauteed onions, walnuts/spices, panko bread crumbs, black beans, brown rice, and some BBQ sauce to create a good consistency. Then shape it into a burger patty, and you’re ready to grill!

Throw those patties on a grill to get those iconic grill marks and assemble it the same way you would put together a regular burger with all the fixings. Finally, pair it with classic side dishes like sweet potato wedges, fries, or even a potato salad. 

Not only does this dish taste divine but it will also make you feel a lot better about your choices after you’ve devoured the meal.

Throw in some homemade chicken or beef patties infused with some killer seasonings for your meat-loving friends to help everyone have a great time at your next cookout. 

Try out these vegetarian BBQ ideas at your next gathering

Cookouts aren’t all about meat anymore. With different lifestyles emerging, it’s important to keep your options open and make sure that everyone has a great time with great food.

Give these recipes a try. You could end up being the one who convinces your meat-loving friends and family to look at grilled vegetarian dishes in a whole new light.

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