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Mouth-watering beef dishes you can prepare using Kosmo’s Q Sauce

Kosmo’s Q sauce

Mouth-watering beef dishes you can prepare using Kosmo’s Q Sauce

Think about some of the best beef dishes you’ve had—tender, flavoursome, succulent. These are just a few ways that you may describe your favourite beef dishes.

But what makes those beefy flavours pop?

It’s the sweet and savoury sauce you use to slather your cut of beef. Some of the best grilled or smoked beef dishes have one thing in common—a great sauce that brings out the meat’s natural flavours.

As fans of grilling and smoking, you may already have tried some sauces at your backyard gatherings. But you can add an extra kick to your beef dishes with a competition-winning sauce from Kosmo’s.

With Kosmo’s, you’re getting a sauce that would give any beef dish the additional hit of flavour it needs to take it up a notch.

Here are some mouth-watering dishes you can create using Kosmo’s Q sauce.

Grilled shredded beef sandwiches

Whether you’re looking for an easy dish to feed the masses or a flavourful dish to satisfy your afternoon cravings, there’s nothing quite like a grilled shredded beef sandwich.

Simply slow-cook your cut of choice—either on a grill or a smoker—and then slather some Kosmo’s Q sauce evenly to infuse those smoky flavours. Once it’s cooked, you can shred the cut into fairly large chunks and create a succulent filling.

You can also throw in some herbs and spices to create the unique flavours you want. Once the filling is complete, simply pair it with some toasted buns and potato salad on the side for a complete dish.

Skillet beef pot pie

If you’re looking for a tasty crowd-pleaser that’s a cinch to cook, a skillet beef pot pie with some filling is the way to go.

Simply, prepare the beef in a skillet with some salt, pepper, onions, and some Kosmo’s Q to combine all the ingredients.

Once the beef is done, layer the filling over the beef and top it with some cheese, red pepper, and green onions. Place it in the smoker or grill for about 3-5 minutes until the cheese is completely melted.

Use a large pan so it can double as a colourful centrepiece on your table for a family-style cooking vibe.

Baked beans with beef

This isn’t your average baked beans recipe!

Cook your beef with some bacon and onions on medium heat until it’s cooked through.

Mix some of your favourite Kosmo’s Q sauce into the beef mixture and add salt, molasses, chilli powder, and ketchup. Next, add the beans (you can add as many different types of beans as you like to make this a unique dish).

Once the mixture is ready, cover it up and pop it in the smoker, letting it cook for about an hour or until you get the perfect thickness.

Mini beef meatloaves

If you’re looking for something for the kiddies’ table, these mini beef meatloaves are exactly what you need—they’re great for adults as well!

Create your usual meatloaf recipe with beef, salsa, Worcestershire sauce, onion, pepper, eggs, and any other ingredient that complements the rest. Add some Kosmo’s Q sauce to the mixture to enhance the flavour.

Once the mixture is done, add it to greased muffin cups—you can even top it off with dollops of Kosmo’s Q. Put them in the smoker for about 20-25 minutes or until you reach 160o C.

Remove it from the pan after about 5 minutes—and it’s ready to be served!

Prepare versatile beef dishes with Kosmo’s Q sauce

Beef doesn’t always get the recognition and love it deserves.

But, with the right sauce and unique assortment of dishes, your beef dishes will not only pack a punch but will also give you some well-deserved pats on the back for a job well done.

Kosmo’s Q has a great range of products that will add a variety of flavours to suit your every mood. After all, having a great recipe is only part of the battle; you need to have the best quality ingredients to bring it all together.

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