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Grilling recipes that can transform your holiday meals

Holiday Grilled Meat Recipes

Grilling recipes that can transform your holiday meals

The holiday season means plenty of things to us. It’s about caring and sharing; the time to get together with our families and spread joy and festivity. 

Something else that brings everyone together during the season? 

The amazing holiday feasts everyone knows and loves. They bring loved ones together, whether it’s spending hours in the kitchen or finally sitting down to enjoy the delicacies you’ve whipped up.

If you’re excited to try something different this year, grilled meat recipes are a perfect way to switch things up—and the results are always worth it.

Without further ado, here are some amazing grilled recipes you can introduce to your loved ones this year!

Honey-glazed smoked ham

This dish takes everyone’s favourite cold cut to the next level with the added sweetness and spicy elements of the perfect meat rub. 

Smoked with some of our favourite spices, this leg of ham will come out of the grill sizzling and aromatic—you may even have trouble keeping your hands off until it gets to the table!

Here, the sweet and spicy rub is really the star of this dish. For the best results, look for the perfect mix of cayenne pepper, pineapple juice, dry mustard, honey, and cloves.

What’s really great about this is that you can try your honey-glazed ham with other dishes—pair it together with mashed potatoes or green beans and you won’t be disappointed!

Applewood smoked turkey

The applewood smoked turkey is another delicious meal you can try this season. 

Here, the turkey is brined for a couple of hours in a mixture of maple syrup and apple cider mixture. Once brined, it’s smoked slowly to ensure its signature flavours are infused in every bite. 

The apple and maple mixture is not only going to add flavour to the meat but will leave it juicy and tender as you dig in!

Grilled pork rib roast

If you love grilled pork recipes, this one’s for you!

What makes these grilled pork ribs amazing is the perfect combination of spices rubbed on the meat before it’s prepared over the flames.

The assortment of herbs and condiments we prefer to use include olive oil, lemon juice, and cooking wine paired together with nutmeg, mustard powder, sweet paprika, thyme leaves, parsley, and black pepper.

Send this over to the table with a couple of the best sauces for grilled meat—like a hot BBQ sauce, for example—and impress everyone with your grilling skills!

Grilled lamb chops

Grilled lamb chops are one of the most popular dishes you can add to your table this holiday season.

Prepare your lamb by either preparing the whole rack or breaking it into individual lollipops.  

Before grilling it, slather your meat with a spicy paste to really bring out all those rich flavours; if possible, use a rub with spices and marinades like mustard, Worcestershire sauce, and thyme. 

If it sounds like too much, don’t worry—these flavours will only add to the most scrumptious lamb chops, making it a fan-favourite among your nearest and dearest!

Spicy grilled chicken

This versatile spicy grilled chicken recipe can be served either hot or cold—from everyday family dinners to festival meal tables—making it the perfect dish for your meals this season.

The real kick comes from a spicy marinade you need to use to prepare your chicken and give it that delicious flavour. 

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