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Our top 3 favourite brisket preparation styles!

brisket preparation styles

Our top 3 favourite brisket preparation styles!

Not to be confused with biscuits, briskets are a cut of meat which is usually the breast or the lower chest section of the animal. While sold boneless, this can still be a toughie to cook up. 

Briskets are a go-to dish amongst home cooks, which is no surprise because who wouldn’t enjoy sinking their teeth into a perfectly tender and flavourful piece of meat. The fact that it is also a relatively affordable option makes this dish ultra-satisfying to have.

If you are about to embark on this brisk yet rewarding cookout, here are our top beef brisket preparation styles that are guaranteed to leave your tastebuds happy. 

Coming in hot and fast 

Don’t have all day to make your briskets?

Much like the slow cooking method, start by trimming and seasoning your brisket well. Then, heat the smoker to a whopping 300℃, place the brisket fat-side down, and allow it to cook until it reaches an internal temperature between 160℃. to 165℃.

Take it out and pour 1 cup of beef broth around the edges of your brisket before sealing it well. Place it back on the smoker to cook for an additional 2 hours. 

When done, let your brisket rest for a good 45 minutes before the slicing and dicing begin.

Low and slow cooking 

Switching gears to a cooking method that needs incredible amounts of patience. This method can take up to 10 to 14 hours to produce the perfect brisket.

But, slow and steady wins the race because when you nail a slow-cooked brisket, nothing can compare to the flavours and textures your palate will revel in. 

Start by trimming off any excess fat and let it sit in your choice of marinade for a while. Next, go in with your rubs and season well over your meat, creating a nice glaze before firing up your smoker to a temperature between 125℃ to 142℃. 

For this step, be sure to add in extra wood if needed to keep up an even flow of smoke. Smoke your brisket for up to 3 hours with no covering and spritz from time to time to control the bark formed on the outside of your brisket. 

Once done, wrap your brisket in a generous layer of foil and cook it through for another 3–5 hours until your meat’s internal temperature ranges between 93-98℃. 

Leave your brisket to rest for a minimum of 1½ hours before enjoying a perfectly well-done brisket. 

Bake your brisket 

Baking is yet another great way to deliver a tender and irresistible brisket to the table. 

Before popping this beaut in the oven, here’s what you need to do: pat the brisket dry with a clean paper towel and then season lightly with salt and pepper. This next step is optional, but if your chosen recipe allows you to drown your brisket in oil, go for it!

Because you are preparing to take your brisket to the oven, you are going to need a cooking liquid to soak your brisket in. 

How is this mixture made? There’s no one way to do it. 

Feel free to experiment with the sea of options available to you, either by choosing bolder profiles like garlic, mustard, and soy sauce or subtler flavours like wine and herbs. 

Whatever your combination may be, make enough for a 3-4 pound brisket that is about to journey into the oven. 

Let it bake for around 3 to 4 hours and you’ll have a well-done brisket to serve up! 

brisket preparation styles

Pick your style and start prepping!

Cooking a brisket can seem like a tedious process, but just like any good workout, the burn makes it worth it. 

Just like the perfect seasonings for your meat, the way you choose to cook your dishes can take your meal a notch higher. 

So, if you’ve been eyeing that brisket but always felt daunted by the prospect of cooking it, you won’t regret it. The ridiculous deliciousness of this dish makes it worth the preparation.

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