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How can BBQ chicken spice rub create flavourful chicken dishes?

How can BBQ chicken spice rub create flavourful chicken dishes?

If you search the internet for a chicken dish you can prepare, you will be directed to thousands and thousands of recipes, like a low-calorie chicken salad, chicken fried rice that can be made with pantry staples, and many more. Within these recipes, you can find various ingredients and different methods of preparation used to create the most flavoursome chicken.

An ingredient that’s underrated yet mighty is BBQ chicken spice rub, which can be used in several methods of preparation to enhance the flavour of any chicken dish.

If you’re unfamiliar with this ingredient, however, spice rubs—as the name suggests—include ground-up spices and may contain a sweetener such as granulated sugar. In the case of BBQ spice rub, the sweetener is typically brown sugar, which is what gives the meat a flavour kick.

Read this blog post to learn how to use BBQ chicken spice rub to create tantalising and flavourful chicken recipes.

Cooking the chicken on the stove

There are two ways in which BBQ chicken spice rub can be used in a marinade—as a dry rub or a wet rub. Wet rubs are made by adding a bit of oil to the dry mix. There are other alternatives instead of oil that you can experiment with as well, according to your preferences.

Leaving your chicken to marinate after applying a generous coat of dry rub on the meat or after dousing it in a wet rub before it hits the heat will allow all the flavours and aromas to seep into the meat and tenderise it.

Remember, however, that there’s a higher chance of the rub’s flavour seeping into the meat’s juices if it’s a wet rub, in comparison to a dry rub. But you can leave the chicken to marinate in a dry rub for as little as 30 minutes, which is more time-saving than a wet rub which requires a minimum of a couple of hours for maximum flavour.

You can then proceed to cook the chicken on the stovetop, ensuring you don’t leave it for too long—no one likes dry chicken. You want it to be juicy and succulent, and the rub will help with this.

Grilling the chicken

Using either rub mentioned above, you can coat your preferred cuts of chicken with the rub and place them on the grill. Be careful though, because the sugar incorporated in the rub can burn at higher temperatures, so be sure to first spray a little oil on the grates.

You can even use wood pellets in your grill to amp up the richness of the meat, as when burned, the pellets produce smoke that adds more flavour. Keep flipping the chicken so you get a nice char on the meat—you’re looking for a crispy exterior with a juicy interior.

Creating a sauce with the rub

Spice rubs alone can enhance the flavour of the chicken, definitely more than just a pinch of salt and pepper. But combining some BBQ sauce and some BBQ spice rub to create the ultimate sauce can elevate any chicken dish. Do this for an out-of-this-world flavour bomb!

A combination of a classic smokey bbq sauce and a chicken spice rub would create the perfect coarse outer crust for a sweet and sour crunch. This is a method of preparation you should try at least once—you don’t want to miss out on this one!

Making a stuffing with the rub

If you’re looking to experiment with your rubs in alternate ways to elevate the flavour of the chicken, but don’t want to use it in a marinade, why not use it in a stuffing? Roast or baked chicken with a spice rub and stuffing may be just the dish you’re looking for.

For the best of both worlds, once the chicken is roasted, you can pop it in the oven for 20 more minutes for a golden brown skin and perfectly tenderised meat. Jam-packed with flavour, each bite of this chicken won’t disappoint and will be far from bland.

Use BBQ chicken spice rubs like never before

There are different chicken spice rubs, ranging from sweet and sour to spicy and zesty, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different techniques for cooking the meat. Be sure to invest in some good rubs and ingredients for ultimate flavour.

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