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5 tantalising ideas to try out post-British Pie Week

post-British Pie Week

5 tantalising ideas to try out post-British Pie Week

While British Pie Week is almost over, it’s never too late to have some pie—it’s the perfect dish to enjoy with family and friends, not only when you’re devouring it but also when you’re preparing it. Whether you’re a pie enthusiast or not, there’s a pie to satisfy any craving, savoury or sweet.

So even if you miss British Pie Week, with so many scrumptious recipes available that will have you coming back for seconds in no time, there are always the weeks that follow for you to get creative with your loved ones and enjoy this treat!

Here are 5 tantalising pie ideas guaranteed to have you scraping the tin for scraps, or even scrapping for leftovers—if there are any!

1. Chicken, ham, and potato pie

Picture a delicious savoury pie right out of the oven in front of you with a buttery flaky crust. Well, why wait for an occasion to indulge in this delicacy when every day could be a pie day with a delectable chicken, ham, and potato pie? These three main ingredients are mouth-watering on their own and will work just as well, if not more when combined in creamy, warm goodness.

To make sure your chicken, ham, and potato pie is not your average dish, kick it up a notch by investing in some good-quality sweet hot mustard. The mustard will give the pie a flavour bomb and if you want to add some greens for freshness, you can serve the pie with a side of salad of your choice.

2. Classic apple crumb pie

A family favourite is the classic apple crumb pie. It’s filled with cinnamon-coated juicy apples topped with a crumb topping which can be served any way you like, warm or chilled, at any time you want. Not only is it easy to make, but it is also the best type of pie for any festive holiday like Thanksgiving or Christmas.

The cinnamon flavour combined with a delicious sweet-and-sour jammy apple filling in the middle is only heightened with the buttery crunchy crumb topping. Leftovers of this pie are highly unlikely, so prepare an extra portion to indulge in leftovers.

3. Cornish pasty pie

One of the most famous of all British dishes, Cornish pasties enjoy a long and rich heritage, with its roots stemming from Cornwall, South West England. The Cornish pasty pie features savoury flaky pastry pockets filled with beef and vegetables, ensuring a hefty mouthful in every bite.

Filled with beef, sliced or diced potato, rutabaga, and onion, and seasoned with salt and pepper and perhaps even steak seasoning to elevate the flavour, a good Cornish pasty pie is comfort food at its best, steaming hot right out of the oven. To make this recipe your own, you can always experiment with different types of meats and vegetables.

4. Pizza pie

There is no going wrong with pizza, whether you make it the conventional way or in a flatbread—don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t make pizza at home! If you’re planning on having appetisers for any occasion at home, however, why not try pizza pie out and wow your guests?

A pizza pot pie filled with devilishly delicious sausages and vegetables of your choice, seasoned with fajita seasoning and topped with oozing cheese would have everyone hungry for more—so it’ll be better to make more than just one pie to be on the safe side.

5. Blueberry pie

Blueberry pie would seem like a boring recipe for many, but when you’re around family and friends after a heavy, hearty meal, you just want to sit down with a crowd-favourite dessert while reminiscing about old times and having a good laugh. The best thing about this pie is that it’s easier to make from scratch!

Buttery flaky crust filled with a simple blueberry filling with a touch of brown sugar, zesty lemon, and a little spice, thanks to allspice and cinnamon, make this dessert a feel-good treat. Be sure to invest in good seasonings because that’s the trick to getting the flavour as close as possible to your childhood memory.

British Pie Week may almost be over but these delicious recipes are here to stay

Pie doesn’t have to be enjoyed only on British Pie Week—what’s stopping you from enjoying all the different types of pie? Ranging from savoury to sweet, what makes pie taste good is the ingredients that go into it, so make sure to invest in some high-quality ingredients in the market to make the most scrumptious pies.

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