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Christmas BBQ ideas for you to try this festive season

Christmas BBQ ideas

Christmas BBQ ideas for you to try this festive season

Traditional Christmas classics, such as a roast turkey or maple glazed ham, are staples at any Christmas feast. If you’re looking to add something unique to your dinner table this holiday season, try grilling up some delectable dishes to serve your guests.

Grilling festive dishes doesn’t have to be exclusive to using meat as the main ingredient. Create a diverse grilled holiday menu that ranges from vegetables to meats for a memorable dining experience.

If you’re looking to add a twist to your Christmas feast this year with the help of some Christmas BBQ ideas in the UK, the following Christmas BBQ ideas might be able to help you grill up some tantalising dishes.

1. Double-smoked spiral ham

Swap that store-bought glazed ham with a mouth-watering, double-smoked spiral ham that’s packed with flavours by generously applying a sweet and spicy glaze with a hint of smokiness that complements the natural flavours of the ham.

Make sure to give the ham enough time to rest and absorb the juices to enhance its flavour.

2. Grilled asparagus with a cilantro pepita pesto

Here’s the perfect idea to include a healthy, yet delicious option into your holiday feast menu. Toss the asparagus in some olive oil before grilling to make sure it doesn’t burn.

After the asparagus is grilled, dress it with a presto dressing that has been well-seasoned with dried herbs and a hint of spice for a fresh, delicious vegetarian option.

3. Grilled turkey breast

Elevate the flavours of a perfectly grilled turkey that has been immersed in a flavourful brine and coated in a spicy, smokey seasoning by serving it with a thick gravy made with apple juice, maple syrup, and spicy seasoning.

Once the gravy is prepared, make sure to serve it immediately with the turkey for a warm and satisfying meal.

4. Grilled halloumi with fig jam

The combination of salty, grilled halloumi with fresh basil can be immediately elevated into a holiday dish by topping it with a reduction of dried figs, brown sugar, and lemon juice.

To give the halloumi a slight kick, coat it with a spicy seasoning right before grilling for the perfect char.

5. Grilled marinated lamb chops

A good marinade can make all the difference when it comes to grilling any type of protein. For the best-grilled lamb chops, marinate the chops overnight in a herby, spicy marinade to soak in all the flavours.

When cooking the lamb chops, make sure that your grill is on high heat before placing the lamb to give it an appealing sear.

Consider these Christmas BBQ ideas to create an out-of-this-world holiday menu

Always make sure to stock up on seasonings and marinades that are of superior quality when planning your holiday feast.

Try these unique Christmas BBQ ideas and give your guests a memorable dining experience that they’re sure to talk about till the next festive gathering.

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