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4 of the best Christmas grilling ideas for vegetarians

Christmas Grilling Ideas For Vegetarians

4 of the best Christmas grilling ideas for vegetarians

Grilling up some festive treats is always a good idea. Why not switch it up this year and try some meat-free grilled dishes? This would be perfect if you’re hosting a dinner party for the season and will be serving guests who prefer vegetarian options.

Grilled vegetables make some great sides to any meat dishes as well and are full of flavour right off the grill. The deep smoky flavours and the earthiness of the vegetables are sure to elevate your Christmas feast this year.

Here are some Christmas grilling ideas that you can try out which are exclusively plant-based.

1. Grilled cauliflower steaks

Cauliflower is an extremely versatile ingredient in general. Grilling some cauliflower steaks after they’re coated in a spicy dry rub for about 10-12 minutes on each side is sure to make for a dish that will be a crowd favourite.

Pair your grilled cauliflower steaks classic with a coleslaw that has a generous amount of honey mustard-based sauces to give it a mild spice and a hint of sweetness.

2. Grilled lentil carrot hot dogs

Starting any holiday feast with a couple of sides is always a good idea. Try grilling up vegan and gluten-free hotdogs made from puréed lentils and vegetables. They’re easy and quick to make and can be grilled up in no time.

When making the hot dog mixture, season it well with a spicy herb blend to elevate the flavours of the vegetables. Once grilled, you can assemble the hot dogs in buns and top them with a spicy sauce before serving.

3. Grilled vegetable pasta salad

Every holiday feast needs a good salad to keep things fresh. A grilled vegetable pasta salad made with grilled zucchini, asparagus, corn, and yellow bell peppers topped with a citrusy and spicy sauce can prepare your guests for a decadent meal.

Before grilling the vegetables, toss them in a herb-based marinade to enhance the smokiness of the vegetables once they hit the grill.

4. Grilled halloumi cheese with mushrooms

Serve up some grilled halloumi cheese with mushroom skewers as a starter at your holiday party this year. Before skewering the halloumi and mushroom, marinade the ingredients with a Cajun-inspired seasoning to enhance the flavour.

Skewer your ingredients and grill for about 12 minutes until the cheese looks crispy and golden brown. Serve the skewers with a smoky and spicy sauce for an extra kick.

Narrow down your options with our favourite Christmas grilling ideas for your holiday feast

Grilled vegetarian options may be extremely underrated, but if prepared correctly, you might even consider grilling vegetables more often.

This Christmas season, wow your guests with dishes inspired by these delectable plant-based Christmas grilling ideas that are not only delicious but also healthy.

Make sure that you use the best seasonings and rubs when grilling to create the most amazing flavour profiles for your dishes this festive season.

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