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Halloween dishes that will have your guests screaming for more

Halloween dishes that will have your guests screaming for more

Hosting a gathering during Halloween is the perfect chance for you to get creative with the dishes you’re planning to serve your guests. If you’re planning on firing up your grill to prepare some meat for your Halloween event, make sure you don’t compromise on the spookiness!

Halloween dishes don’t have to be complicated, especially if you’re planning on preparing all your dishes on the grill. Traditional dishes can easily be transformed into a dish with a spooky twist.

Consider the following ideas this Halloween season to make your gathering extra festive and give your guests “pumpkin” to talk about till next Halloween.

Skeleton meat platter

Have your guests nibble on this one-of-a-kind edible skeleton while they wait for those meaty mains.

For the skull, combine cream cheese, scallions, cheddar, bacon, salt, and pepper and mould the mixture into the shape of a skull using your hands and wrap it with prosciutto. For the eyes, place two halves of olive and refrigerate for about 20 minutes.

Place the cheese skull on a platter and one roasted pepper under the skull to create a heart. Place baby back ribs around the heart and a grilled sausage coil under this to create the intestines. Fill in the spaces with pulled pork and serve it with an assortment of crackers.

Dead man’s fingers

This makes for a creative appetiser. Once you’ve grilled the sausages, use a small sharp knife slanted at a diagonal to the sausage and shave off about half an inch of one end of the sausage to form the ‘fingernail’.

Lay the sausage flat and cut two slits under the ‘nail’ and three slits on the opposite ends of the nail to create the finger and knuckle creases.

Jack-o’-lantern cheeseburgers

What’s a gathering without a juicy burger? Elevate a simple hamburger and transform it into a scary addition to your Halloween dining table.

Grill your burger patties and cut out creepy Jack O’ Lantern faces on slices of cheddar cheese. Proceed to assemble your burger and add a little ketchup to mimic blood for the ultimate, spooky-licious cheeseburger.

Dead man’s chest

Who doesn’t love slow-cooked ribs? Give your guests a scare by taking a dish as simple as ribs and making it a frightful sight.

Once your slow-cooked ribs are done cooking, cut the ribs apart and arrange them on a tray in the shape of a human ribcage. Cut one red bell pepper in half and place it in the middle of the ribs to mimic where the heart may be and stab a knife through the pepper so it stands up.

Maggot-infested potato salad

Potato salad is a staple when hosting a gathering. If you’re racking your brain on how you can frighten your quests with a harmless potato salad, here’s how.

Once you’ve cut the boiled potatoes into bite-sized pieces, mix in onion, mayonnaise, chives, and season with salt and pepper. Make sure to add the ‘maggots’ right before serving, which is about a quarter of a cup of puffed rice sprinkled on top of the salad. 

Whip up some Halloween dishes that’ll keep your guests up at night

Adding spooky touches to traditional dishes is a simple yet creative way to be on theme with the festive season.

If you’re planning on hosting a Halloween-themed gathering for your friends and family, stock up on some enticing seasonings and rubs to whip up some delectable dishes.

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