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The ultimate guide on how to make BBQ ribs for a delicious feast

how to make BBQ ribs

The ultimate guide on how to make BBQ ribs for a delicious feast

BBQ ribs are a crowd favourite, but getting it right can be tricky. While there are various ways to drive flavour into the BBQ ribs, from charcoal to the right aromatic wood pellets and seasonings along with the right BBQ tools and accessories, you must have everything necessary to get that perfectly juicy, falling-off-the-bone tenderised piece of meat.

With all the ingredients and supplies in your arsenal, learning how to make BBQ ribs won’t be as intimidating as it sounds. But what are the steps involved in making BBQ ribs that are sure to impress the guests at the feast you’re hosting? Well, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we’re going to take you through a step-by-step guide on how to make BBQ ribs.

1. Choosing the right ribs

The first step to creating the most delicious BBQ ribs is choosing the right ribs. It’s well-known in the pitmaster community that the type of ribs that would offer you the most tenderised finish are pork baby back ribs. They are more tender compared to spare ribs due to their small and lean nature, resulting in lesser cooking time.

St. Louis-style ribs are another option you can consider as they’re meatier and more fatty than baby back ribs, for a more indulgent gastronomic experience—but, they require more cooking time, which can be a hassle when you’re multitasking between hosting and preparing a meal for your guests. Whichever rib you opt for, make sure they’re of high quality and are fresh.

2. Prepping your ribs

The second step would be prepping your ribs—the crucial step to ensure your ribs are ready for marination. Pull off the outer membrane on the back of the ribs. This membrane is usually chewy, making the experience of finally eating your ribs unpleasant. You wouldn’t want your marinade to go to waste on tough ribs.

Note that this is a dangerous task if you don’t have experience in handling a knife to pull off such a thin membrane. However, using a paper towel to get a hold of the membrane can be helpful. Nevertheless, to avoid any injuries, you could always ask your butcher to do this step for you when purchasing the ribs.

3. Marinating the ribs

Once the membrane has been removed, by you or your butcher, it’s time for the fun part—marination. A dry rub is the usual go-to method of marination for ribs. So since you’re preparing BBQ ribs, apply a BBQ dry rub, containing ingredients such as ingredients such as paprika, garlic powder, and onion powder, generously on both sides.

A good dry rub will contain all the necessary ingredients needed to drive a mouth-watering, classic BBQ flavour into your ribs. To enhance the marination process and amp up the flavour further, let the marinated ribs sit in a plastic bag overnight before it hits the grill. This will allow all the spices in the rub to be absorbed by the ribs—the longer you leave them, the better.

4. Grilling the ribs

There are several methods to prepare BBQ ribs—whether in the oven, on the stove, or on a grill or smoker. The grill is a conventional but great method to get your ribs juicy and tenderised. To begin, preheat your grill at 177℃ before throwing in your ribs and make sure you wrap your ribs in aluminium foil firmly to ensure they retain heat during the grilling process.

The ribs should be cooked for about one and a half hours or until the meat is soft and fully well-cooked. Once you check the ribs and see that they’re sufficiently cooked, take them out of the foil and generously brush a BBQ-flavoured glaze over both sides. Throw the ribs once more on the grill and let them cook for another 10-15 minutes until the glaze is sticky and caramelised.

Learning how to make BBQ ribs doesn’t have to be stressful

Throughout the process, especially if you’re a novice griller, keep an eye on the ribs and you should be able to prepare the BBQ ribs without hassle. Just be careful and don’t rush the process.

By choosing the right ribs and the proper rubs and seasonings along with any grill accessories needed, you will be able to understand how to make BBQ ribs and create the best dish that would be fit to host a feast.

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