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The coolest BBQ accessories for a fire BBQ session

coolest BBQ accessories

The coolest BBQ accessories for a fire BBQ session

BBQs can be magical events, with delicious, juicy grilled meats and veggies and all your friends and family coming over for a taste. The key to a magical BBQ experience isn’t just how you grill your meats and vegetables—the BBQ accessories you use play a pretty important role too.

Any experienced BBQ master will tell you that the accessories you use can either make or break your BBQ. With the right set of BBQ accessories, you can create some of the most delicious, mouthwatering grilled dishes around!

Let’s take a look at some of the coolest BBQ accessories that you really need to have on your side.

The injector gun

One of the best ways to infuse delicious flavours into your grilled meats is to inject marinades directly into them. This might sound a little hard to do, but it’s much easier when you have an injector gun!

As the name suggests, this is a special gun-like device that is designed to inject marinades easily into your meat. Some of these injector guns come with their own set of accessories, such as brushes to clean the gun, extra grips, outlet needles, and even a carry case.

This is one of the coolest BBQ accessories around and every BBQ master should have one!

Oil-and-water-proof silicone gloves

Burns are a common problem that all grill enthusiasts, even the experts, have to deal with when they’re grilling up a feast. However, getting oil on your hands while you’re grilling can be a pretty messy affair.

This is where oil-and-water-proof silicone gloves come in handy. These gloves are very durable and they can protect your digits from burns and help keep your hands nice and clean.  

Another great fact about these gloves is that they can make grabbing on to greasy grilled foods much easier. Also, since they’re made from silicone, they’re very easy to clean after you’re done using them.

Bladed meat tenderiser

You probably already have a hammer meat tenderiser, but have you heard of a bladed meat tenderiser? These meat tenderisers have multiple blades that skewer the meat to tenderise it but still allow the meat to maintain its shape.

So if you want to tenderise your meat without getting it mushy, a bladed meat tenderiser is just what you need. Apart from tenderising meat, bladed meat tenderisers can also make it easier for marinades and rubs to penetrate into your meat, making for some truly juicy grilled meat!

Wood pellets

Marinades and rubs aren’t the only ingredients that can add flavour to your meat—wood pellets can too! When these wood pellets are burned, they produce smoke that can infuse your meats and veggies with all kinds of delicious flavours. 

Different types of wood pellets can produce different flavours depending on the species of wood they’re made from. Flavours include apple, oak, peach, sugar maple, and hickory.

Wood pellets also come in blends so that you can infuse unique combinations of flavours into your smoked meat and veggies. 

Brining container

Marinating is a huge part of grilling up an award-winning grilled feast. But when you’re marinating your meat and veggies, you’ll need a safe place to store them—enter brining containers.

These containers are specifically designed to keep your meats and veggies nice and comfy while they marinate. Made from tough polypropylene plastic, these containers create an anaerobic environment which causes your BBQ dishes to have a crunchy texture and more colour. Also, these containers are air-tight, preventing any smells from passing into your kitchen.

Get the coolest BBQ accessories today

BBQ accessories play just as big a part in making your BBQ dishes delicious as marinades do. When you have a collection of great BBQ accessories on your side, you can make blockbuster grilled dishes each and every time!

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