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Pro tips to use Big Poppa Smokers rub for your next outdoor feast

Pro tips to use Big Poppa Smokers rub for your next outdoor feast

Thinking of ways to turn your everyday smoked meat recipes into culinary masterpieces?

If you’ve just started to smoke meat, you’re probably naturally drawn to common flavour combinations and maybe throwing some salt, pepper, and paprika on your meat and giving it some time on a smoker—that may work for your first few tries. 

But as you progress, you’ll want to become a bit more adventurous and try out some new blends to bring a feast of flavours to your plate.

This is where Big Poppa Smokers rubs are going to give you the push you need. With a variety of rubs and other products, Big Poppa Smokers offers you a range of flavours to create a new feast every day.

While using a new rub is one important part of the smoking process, the way you use the rub on your meat is the true test of a culinary artist who knows their way around a smoker.

Select the rub your want to use

It’s no secret that some prefer to make their rubs—and there’s nothing wrong with it, but the problem is that it takes a long time to perfect those blends and if you’re not very savvy with your ingredients and knowledgable about how they all complement each other, chances are you’re going to spend a lot of time in an endless cycle of trial-and-error. 

This is why purchasing a Big Poppa Smokers rub can make things much easier for you. Since the pros have already taken the time to perfect these rubs, you know that you’re getting a perfect blend of ingredients to highlight the natural flavours of the meat while adding an extra layer of mouth-watering flavours.

Whether you’re cooking chicken, beef, pork, or even seafood, there’s something to make everyone’s taste buds sing. From jalapeno flavour to a simple garlic, salt, and pepper combo, you can get the best flavours for your protein with Big Poppa Smokers, UK. 

If you’re not entirely sure about which rub to use on a particular type of meat, take a look at the description of each product and get a much clearer idea of how you can use it on your smoked meat. Smoking the meat is all about locking in those flavours and you need a good-quality rub to get the job done right the first time.

Infuse the flavour of the rub with the meat

Once you’ve found the perfect Big Poppa Smokers rub, you’ve already conquered half the battle. The next part—which is just as important—is how to use the rub on the meat to enhance the flavours of your meat.

Put the meat into a deep dish with enough space to work the meat comfortably. Add the rub—or rubs—of your choice into the meat. Ball your hand into a fist and grind the rub into the meat using your knuckles. 

This is the best method for thick cuts of meat like prime ribs or roasts because the rub needs to reach the centre of the meat as well to make sure that it’s properly seasoned and every part of the meat tastes the same.

When you’re using your knuckles to massage the rub into the meat, don’t be afraid of really putting your strength into it. The goal here is to not just add flavour but also to tenderise the meat.

Keep in mind that the force you use to massage the flavours into the meat won’t always be the same for every protein. Depending on the fragility of the meat, you’ll have to change your approach.

Big Poppa Smokers rub—the last rub you’ll ever need!

Smoking meat can be a difficult task—especially if you’re a smoking newbie. Using the right rub can save you a lot of time and help you get the most flavour out of your meat.

While using Big Poppa products on meat can be a complete game-changer, additional products like the Big Poppa Smoker Kit can also help you add great flavour using tools that are perfect for smoking.

Big Poppa helps you create a feast of flavours for your next outdoor cookout and impress everyone with your newfound smoking prowess.

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