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Healthy (but delicious) grilling recipes you’ve been missing out on

Healthy grilling styles

Healthy (but delicious) grilling recipes you’ve been missing out on

We all know what it’s like to have amazing food set before us, but nothing puts a damper on a meal like the realisation that everything delicious rarely comes in healthy options. 

Whether you are a conscientious eater or one that loves to indulge your taste buds with all new delicacies, having the freedom to eat without guilt is what makes a meal all the more satisfying. 

If you are wondering how you can have your cake and eat it too when it comes to maintaining a clean, healthy lifestyle and enjoying delicious grilling recipes, then your search ends here. 

Surprise your loved ones with these healthy recommendations for an amazing feast that will leave them wanting more. 

A healthier cluck 

You guessed right! Being the most versatile of all meats, chicken is just the kind of meat that can adapt to suit any diet. 

While grilled chicken often gets a bad rep for being too dry and lacking that drool-worthy flavour, when done right and paired with simple ingredients, it can turn out to be a substantial meal.

When choosing the best cut for your chicken, pick the chicken breast. This cut of poultry is an excellent source of lean protein and is loaded with vitamins and nutrients that will keep your diet in check. 

Pairing this meat with a simple marinade of honey or olive oil, soy sauce, and garlic will leave you with a slice of juicy, flavourful meat that can go with a simple pasta or salad of your choice. 

It’s veggie time 

Ever been bummed out when you realised that you have to eat a plate of bland veggies to fit your vitamin quota? Not anymore!

If you thought the grill was only meant for your meats, think again. Grilled veggies are known to be the next healthier option—second only to eating them raw—that you can include in your diet as it retains most of its nutrients and contains high amounts of fibre. 

Still not convinced that they can be delicious?

That’s because you are not considering the number of grilling options out there. 

From the most popular veggies like potatoes and bell peppers to the vegetables that don’t always make the cut, like sweet corn and asparagus, the choices of veggies there are to grill can keep anyone on their toes. 

The grill is meant to give your veggies that crisp char and crunch along with a smoky flavour that is irresistible. Take these dishes to the next level by making kebabs or wrapping them in aluminium foil—keeping your veggies tender and quick to cook.

Swims with the fishes 

Yes, that’s right! Seafood!

Traditional menu items you expect to see for grilling recipes are your run-of-the-mill burgers and hotdogs. So it may come as a surprise that we’re including options for those that live under the sea. 

When it comes to healthier eating alternatives, seafood is the way to go. 

High in protein and low in fat, all fish and seafood taste better with a flavourful marinade. 

Be sure to place this type of meat in olive oil and let it sit with some herbs and spices in a sealed container or bag for a couple of hours before it meets its maker. 

Fish fillets are easier to cook than other meat counterparts. If you’ve never tried grilling fish before, we recommend you go for the snapper, tuna, or salmon as they fair the best on the grill. 

Eat to your heart’s content

Whether you have resolved to shed a few holiday-eating pounds or turn over a new leaf with your eating habits this year—slapping some healthy options on the grill will help you keep to your word, so you can look and feel your best.

Have fun and check out the grilling styles that you can use to make you the master of any grill.  

Be creative and experiment with healthy ways you can grill out recipes and enjoy a scrumptious and hearty meal. 


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