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The best cut of pork to smoke for a large gathering

Best cut of pork to smoke

The best cut of pork to smoke for a large gathering

Smoking meat is a slow process and is the go-to technique for any pitmaster. 

Aside from adding that unmistakable smokiness to the meat, when done correctly, it can also produce an incredibly tender cut of meat.

But this doesn’t mean that someone with limited experience can’t smoke meat. If you want to invite some people over for a feast,  you can whip out your smoker and get started. It’s that simple.

If you’re preparing a meal for a large gathering, however, it can be a tall order and you may have even asked yourself; what’s the best cut of pork to smoke? 

Getting the proper cut of meat that can feed a crowd is essential and knowing how to select the best cut of pork to smoke can give you a headstart in the smoking festivities.

So, let’s break down the best cuts of pork that you can pop on the smoker when you’re having a group of people over for a warm meal.

Pork shoulder

One of the largest cuts, the pork shoulder cooks at a low temperature for a long time and is one of the best cuts of pork to smoke for pulled pork sandwiches. 

The shoulder also has a lot of connective tissue which adds to the flavour of the meat. Using some flavoursome rubs or seasonings can also add an extra layer of flavour to your meat. 

Since pork does have an intense flavour, adding spices that complement the meat will ensure that the slow temperature will infuse those flavours into the pork and give you a great-tasting juicy cut of meat.

One of the great things about a pork shoulder is that it’s also comparatively less expensive than other cuts, which allows you to cook for a large crowd without breaking the bank.

Pork ribs

Ribs are perhaps some of the most popular cuts of meat to smoke at any gathering.

Lathering it with the right sauce during the smoking process can render some great flavours to the cut, from sweet and tangy to even spicy. A single rack of ribs can feed up to 3 adults and you can smoke a few racks to feed a group of people.

When smoked correctly, you can slide the meat right off the bone and use it in sandwiches or burgers to create a variety of dishes using the same cut. 

If you’re smoking ribs, be sure to smoke them for 3 hours, braise them for 2 hours, and then finish it off with 1 hour of cooking to get the perfectly prepared cut of meat.

Smoked ham

A popular selection at smoking events, this is one of the best cuts of pork to smoke all year round and is ideal for a large group of people. You can prepare it for a casual cookout or even smoke it up for the holidays!

So how many people can smoked ham feed? A 13-pound whole ham can offer up to 22-24 servings, while a 16-pound ham can serve up to 30 people, making this probably the most convenient to smoke for a crowd.

Smoked ham—especially on the bone—can intensify the smoky flavours. Smoking is also a way of preserving meat so that you can use the leftovers to create other great dishes.

Choose the best cut of pork to smoke to feed your friends and family

Smoking meat can take up a lot of time, especially with something like pork, where smoking at a low temperature can help prepare a mouthwatering cut of meat filled with smoky goodness.

Whether you’re having a casual gathering or are having a crowd over for the holidays, smoking these cuts of pork will create the perfect feast that’ll leave everyone satisfied.

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