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Expert tips on how to master indoor grilling

Indoor barbeque grill

Expert tips on how to master indoor grilling

Not everyone has the space or the equipment to have a great outdoor grilling session, but that doesn’t mean that you have to give up on your aspirations of becoming a master griller.

Even without an outdoor grill, you can still whip up delicious grilled meat with amazing smokey flavours and grill marks, but there is one accessory that is essential if you’re going to attempt indoor grilling—an indoor barbeque grill pan. 

If you’re worried about whether you can actually grill meat on a grill pan or wondering about any other grilling do’s and don’ts, you’ve come to the right place.

Pick a grill pan that’s just the right size

When selecting a grill, always go for the biggest one you can find and if it’s a purpose-built indoor grill pan, all the better—the larger your pan is, the more items you can cook at once without waiting for an eternity for the meat to get done.

Using a smaller pan also means that your vegetables and meat have a higher chance of getting cold—no one wants to eat cold meat!

Indoor grilling with a cast iron pan

When it comes to grilling, it’s not just about the seasoning or what you put in the meat, the indoor barbeque grill pan that you use also contributes to the overall flavour of the meat.

The great thing about a cast iron grill is that it’s durable and you can use it for a much longer period than any other pan—it’s also a great flavour booster. 

Cast iron grill pans retain some of the flavours of previous grilling sessions and if you’re using sauces and spices, the pan helps bring out the real flavour and gives you a delicious piece of perfectly medium-rare meat.

Use high heat for grilling marks

Let’s be honest, when your meat and veggies have those grill marks on them—they just taste that much better. Getting these grill marks is probably one of the best things about outdoor grilling.

If you’ve ever seen a cast iron grill pan, then you’ll know that it comes with ridges that resemble an outdoor grill. 

But, to get those amazing grill marks, the first thing you need to do is to get the grill to a scorching temperature. Once the grill pan is hot enough, throw your meat on the grill pan and press it firmly against the grill to get those perfect grill marks.

When you press the meat down on the grill, make sure you do it just once. This way you can get a piece of meat with one set of perfect grill marks rather than a whole set of marks that’ll leave your expensive cut of meat looking like it’s been run over by a truck! 

Spice it up

Do not hold back when it comes to spices—especially if you crave the same flavours that you get when you’re grilling outdoors. The spices you use can really bring out those flavours and give the meat that authentic taste. 

If you’ve been around the grill a time or two, you’ll know that there are a number of spices and seasonings out there that will give you that perfect smoky flavour you’re looking for.

A pro-tip; select spices that have an inherently smoky flavour like paprika or cajun. This way, once the seasoned meat hits the grill, you get meat that’s just as tasty and succulent as the ones you grill in your backyard.

Get grilling!

If you want to get the same flavour and feel of outdoor grilling, without having to leave the comfort of your kitchen, fear not because anyone can conquer the grill.

We hope you found our nifty tips helpful to boost your indoor grilling game because as you know by now, where there’s a grill there’s a way.

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