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Exciting recipes to try out when hosting a family barbecue

family barbecue

Exciting recipes to try out when hosting a family barbecue

A peaceful evening with the family gathered around the grill sounds like the perfect Sunday for a barbeque—the ideal way to end another hectic week. But if you want to switch out the same old steak and veggie recipes you try out every week for some delicious new ones, let us help you bring the magic back into your backyard with a few exciting recipes.

The number of BBQ recipes that you could try is countless, from juicy briskets to tender ribs. Delicious combinations of BBQ sauces and rubs can be created as well to take your grilling experience to the next level. The best part about exploring beyond your horizons is finding out that there is a BBQ recipe for everyone to enjoy.

In this blog post, we’ll be diving into the world of everything BBQ and beyond. Get ready for a culinary adventure with some exciting recipes to try out at the next family barbecue you hos

Recipes on a stick

Who doesn’t love the smell of charred goodness in the air? You know your BBQ is good when its aroma wafts in the air for the neighbours to smell. Let’s look at a few recipes that will help your family move around easily while mingling without having to carry around a plate.

1. Sweet and spicy grilled chicken and pineapple skewers

Any kind of kebab on a skewer is a great dish to serve up at a barbecue. If you are a fan of sweet and spicy flavour combinations, you’ll love these chicken skewers. Flavoured with chilli garlic sauce and sweetened with honey, this is the perfect dish packed with protein.

2. Juicy steak kebab

If you’re looking for a heavier meal on a stick to munch on, steak kebabs are one of the tastiest summertime favourites. Layered with juicy, tender pieces of deliciously marinated beef and a quartet of colourful veggies, this is a recipe every family member will want to learn.

3. Crunchy fruit kebabs

Fruits are always incorporated into a BBQ skewer one way or another, but have you tried an all-fruits-only skewer? Grilled perfectly enough for the sweet juices in the fruits to caramelise, these skewers pack the perfect crunch when you bite into them. It only takes 5 minutes to prep!

Burgers for days

Find a member of your family who doesn’t love a good burger—I bet you can’t! The adults and the kids will all enjoy every bite of a juicy burger that has been marinated for the right amount of time in the right sauces and seasonings. With every bite, it’s guaranteed to be a journey of BBQ heaven.

1. Meaty beef burger

Paired with french fries and a cool beverage of your choice, a meaty beef burger is the perfect burger with cheese, combined with the right amount of grilled onions, pickles, and sweet and spicy BBQ sauce. Make sure you use all the right rubs and seasonings for the patty and let it marinate for a few hours for the flavours to seep into the meat before you throw it on the grill.

2. Portobello mushroom burgers

When it comes to a family barbecue, everyone has different preferences; therefore, if you have vegan family members, make sure you have vegan options ready to go. These veggie burgers are easy to make and a great alternative to beef. Marinate the mushrooms before grilling, and top them off with cheese, onions, and avocado for that extra kick!

3. Coffee-rubbed homemade burgers

Now, this is for those adventurous souls who really want to top their last barbecue with the family. Season the patty with a spiced coffee rub that elevates the flavour of the beef, turning it into a flavour bomb of a hamburger. Pair it with your favourite white BBQ sauce that will enhance the flavours and not overpower them

Sides prepared to delight

1. Garlic-parmesan-roasted green beans

Tender on the inside and crispy on the outside, these delicious roasted green beans are flavoured with garlic and parmesan. You could also substitute a garlic-infused seasoning. This would pair exceptionally well with mashed potatoes and a deliciously grilled steak.

2. Spicy corn salad

A twist on the usual corn on the cob; this is an easy and delicious corn salad that could either be a light lunch or a side for a barbecue. The best part is that both the prep time and cooking time only add up to 10 minutes.

3. Jalapeno cornbread

This is a recipe that you probably won’t find at your usual BBQ gathering, but it will definitely add a kick to your family barbecue fiesta. The cornbread pairs well with the spice of jalapenos, making it even more flavourful. There is no doubt that people of all ages will enjoy this recipe

Try these exciting recipes to wow your family at the next family barbecue

You can impress your family members in many ways, and one way to win their hearts is definitely through good food. These BBQ rub, sauce, and seasoning-infused treats are a must-have at your next gathering.

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