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4 tips to host the ideal bank holiday BBQ feast

BBQ Feast for bank holiday

4 tips to host the ideal bank holiday BBQ feast

There’s no doubt that a lot of work goes into hosting a BBQ feast. Getting the right accessories and tools necessary along with all the high-quality ingredients needed should be on the top of your list to make sure that your gathering goes well.

So with the Spring Bank Holiday coming up and with everyone excited and overjoyed to spend time with their family, friends, and neighbours, what better way is there to celebrate than a great BBQ feast?

To make sure that there are no unexpected surprises, however, like missing ingredients, not leaving enough time to prep, and more guests than expected showing up, here are 4 tips to help you host the ideal bank holiday BBQ feast.

1. Get everything planned in advance

This is a good step to begin with and this applies to every event, not just your BBQ weekend. Planning ahead gives you time to focus on everything and get a head start on the prepping. You could start by making a list of all the dishes you plan on serving along with the necessary ingredients you need, and consider sides and starters as well.

You could probably make everyone’s favourite go-to BBQ meal or even make this a combined effort by getting everyone involved on the day of the BBQ. When deciding what to prepare, make sure you take into account your guests’ allergies and other dietary preferences. The more time you leave for the planning stage, the more seamless your gathering will be.

2. Purchase the right accessories and ingredients

If you want to make sure that everything is perfect for your BBQ, you need the right equipment and tools. Make sure your grill is of excellent quality and that you have enough fuel to run it all day. In addition, if you want to drive more flavour into your feast, consider getting some flavoured wood pellets as well.

Now, while the obvious ingredients for a bank holiday BBQ feast are the meat and veggies, you can’t forget your condiments, seasonings, and sauces. Be sure to invest in some rubs and seasonings, sauces and mustards, and brines and marinades. Go all out! You can never have too much because you can add layers and layers of flavours to your BBQ with the right ingredients!

3. Serve the right food

Similar to any other event, the food you decide to serve at your BBQ event has the potential to either make or break the party. As much as a BBQ is risky in terms of the cooking process and the cooking times, the reward is higher. With ample charred and flavoursome meat and veggies, your guests are sure to be reaching for more.

Some options for your BBQ feast include grilled lemon chicken, kebabs, and spice-rub pork ribs, and perhaps some burgers and hot dogs for the kids. You can offer some variety by serving up some chips and other appetisers. For sides, you can opt for your trusty potato salad or some coleslaw. Remember to include veg options in the menu, such as veggie patty burgers and grilled vegetables.

4. Play it safe

Safety should always be a priority when organising a bank holiday BBQ feast. A fire extinguisher should be kept close by just in case, and you should make sure your grill is set up safely and away from anything flammable. To prevent burning, always use long-handled tools and never leave the grill alone, especially around kids.

Make sure to fully cook the meat or achieve the appropriate doneness by checking the cook times for all the meat you’ll be preparing. Make sure the internal temperature of beef, pork, and lamb reaches 70°C and at least 75°C for poultry using a meat thermometer. Finally, prior to serving, keep the food covered.

Host a bank holiday BBQ feast with ease!

Hosting a BBQ is a lot of work, but this bank holiday can be elevated with some yummy goodness enjoyed with family and friends.

Don’t overthink and stress too much about every detail. Just be methodical and take it one step at a time. You can ask your guests for a little help and make it a memorable experience for everyone.

Set up some games, play some music, and grill it up with your loved ones!

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