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Bear & Burton

You may be surprised to hear that Bear & Burton’s W Sauce was not originally created by Bear or Burton. In fact, no one truly knows who was the evil genius behind this crazy good brown gold in a bottle. But we do know how it came to be.

What we can tell you is that Burton’s mom and dad have been making it for years from a recipe handed down from her mom, known as Nana, and she claimed her mom and her mom’s mom had it before her. But we know when winter would creep into St Petersburg, Florida, Suzie and George would open all the windows and break out a huge pot. This was important because the smell of its cooking would seep into anything permeable and destroy the house for months. They would go to the store and buy gallons of vinegar, bags of onions, fresh tomatoes, and exotic spices from around the world. Then they would prepare and combine it all, after days of preparation a fresh batch would be born. Friends and family would fight to make sure they could get their bottles filled before it was gone but they would always make another batch to make sure everyone got their fill.

Fast forward many years and Burton is moving to Key West for his fishing tackle business. Bear is a good friend of his and also an insanely successful fishing guide that loves Worcestershire sauce. After a few meals at his house, Burton noticed this and brought a bottle of his family’s sauce down for Bear and his wife Jenn to try. The response was explosive, or well maybe insane, either way, they loved it more than any other Worcestershire before it. Covid had just hit and everyone was in quarantine, Bear called Burton and told him that they were going to bottle it and bring it to the masses! The world was at a standstill so Burton figured why not but first we had to steal the recipe.

Burton knew his mom’s reluctance to share the recipe so he brought Bear (everyone loves Bear) up to St. Petersburg to try and sweet talk it out of his mom. It took Bear 3 minutes and the recipe was free. Next came months of trying to cook it. The recipe was old and tattered and had been changed through generations. George knew a couple of secrets that weren’t written down, and so did Suzie. Burton would call his mom and say it tastes like fish and they would reveal they always halved the anchovies. Little things like this are why Burton and Uncle T’s (miss you, Uncle T) house stinks so bad to this day. Close to a hundred batches later and it finally tasted like moms! They had to repeat it a dozen times before the recipe was standardized and tasted perfect.

Now the recipe is Suzie and George approved and ready for you to bring into your home. People and restaurants everywhere are tasting and loving a sauce that tastes just like traditional Worcestershire but fresher and better, more vibrant. You can find it in the famous Bloody Mary’s on Duval Street in Key West, it’s in grocery stores but most important of all it can be in your Kitchen.

If you read all of this, Bear and Burton offer a sincere thank you and apology for being so long-winded. We all promise once you try this sauce you will never go back to that foreign stuff. The W Sauce truly is America’s Worcestershire, it is so much bigger, better, and bolder than any sauce with the Worcestershire name.

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