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Days around the grill or smoker are always packed with an abundance of meat, with various cuts of chicken, pork, and beef being the typical items on any menu.

While you may smoke the occasional fish fillet—seafood is generally treated as a poor replacement for meat, instead of the delectable feast it can be. Whether you’re just adding some seafood to your regular menu, or want to build a whole menu on some fresh catches of the day, once you smoke seafood right there’ll be no going back.

When it comes to seafood, you have an array of options ranging from shellfish, like oysters and mussels, to more common options, like calamari and scallops. While all these types of seafood are inherently delicious, they are also quite easy to prepare.

With the best seafood seasoning, you can add an extra depth of flavour to highlight the natural taste of the ocean and create some mouthwatering smoked seafood dishes that will leave your guests clamouring for more!

The best seasoning for seafood from BBQ Gourmet

Seafood is a delicate meat. As any professional chef will tell you, the best way to make any seafood dish—smoked or otherwise—is to respect the natural flavour.

At BBQ Gourmet, we offer the best seafood seasoning to complement your smoked seafood dishes. Using herbs and spices that pair well with the taste of seafood, we have some ideal seasoning options for seafood aficionados.

Meat Church Gourmet Seafood Seasoning

If you’re looking for a seasoning that was designed to bring out the best in seafood flavours, then look no further. Using ingredients like ginger, paprika, mustard, and celery, this product packs a punch, proving that a little bit often goes a long way.

Bad Byron’s ‘Jubilee’ Seafood Seasoning

This is the ideal choice for any seafood preparation from smoking to grilling. This seasoning has a blend of lemon powder, green onion powder, paprika, black pepper powder, and a number of other flavourful ingredients that give your seafood a kick of spice.

To create the best smoked seafood dishes you need to have a great balance of flavour and make sure that no ingredient overpowers the natural taste of the seafood.

With BBQ Gourmet, you have access to the best seafood seasonings; we also have options for those looking for an all-purpose seasoning that can be used on both meat and seafood.

Look no further than BBQ Gourmet and shop our range of seafood seasoning products—and more—on our website.

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At BBQ Gourmet, we understand the importance of flavours that complement smoked meat.

Our range of competition-winning rubs, sauces, and seasonings give you the ability to add the depth of flavour you need to create mouthwatering smoked seafood dishes.

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