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Take your grilled meals up a notch with mustard sauce

Mustard sauce

Take your grilled meals up a notch with mustard sauce

Mustard is one of those condiments that can be paired with any meat. So whether it’s burgers, grilled meat, or brats, the ways in which you can use mustard sauce to elevate your dishes is practically limitless.

Mustard is an excellent emulsifier that seamlessly blends water and oil together, making it a great condiment to use if you’re making seasoning, sauces, and dressings.

We’ve put together a list of the top six ways that you can use the mustard sauce on grilled meat to elevate your dish.

#1: Glaze for ham

Ham and mustard is a classic flavour combination and one that we’ve all tried at some point, whether it was at a cookout or a holiday, but have you ever tried glazing your ham with mustard?

Selecting a sauce that combines a few ingredients can add some great flavour to your meat. For example, flavours like honey and brown sugar go well with mustard to create a sweet and tart sauce that you can use to coat your ham.

When making your ham, brush it with the sauce and increase the heat to create that delectable layer of flavour while baking it the usual way.

#2: Honey mustard dressing

We all know that a cookout is all about the meat, but pairing meat with a salad is a great way to balance out those flavours and add some nutritional value to your plate. And where there’s a salad, there’s a vinaigrette. 

Use a mustard sauce as the base for your vinaigrette and pair it with some vinegar, lemon, and pepper and create an excellent addition that will compliment your salad. 

#3: Mustard as a seasoning for lamb

This may be a flavour combination that you’re not particularly familiar with, but mustard goes perfectly with lamb!

Lamb is an inherently rich piece of meat, and you need something equally bold to go with it. Mustard has that bold and assertive flavour that can complement the meat without overpowering it.

Some great ways for you to use mustard is to braise lamb shanks or glaze lamb chops with a sweet and hot mustard sauce to really help bring out the flavour of the meat.

#4: Steak topper

If you have an affinity for steak then you’ll know that there’s nothing wrong with a lightly seasoned piece of meat, especially one that’s flavourful on its own; however, if you really want to take your steak to the next level, then pairing it with mustard can be ideal.

Mustard is great with beef, and you can use it with bleu cheese or garlic parmesan to create a topping that will stick to the steak. Either topping you use is a great way to bring your steak to life and create some unique flavours.

#5: Burgers, brats, and sandwiches

When we talk about mustard and cookouts, it would be criminal to forget the all-time classic pairings like burgers, bratwursts, and sandwiches. 

From spicy and sweet to tangy, there are no restrictions about which flavour of mustard you can use on these classic cookout staples.

Select your favourite flavour, slap it on some meat, and enjoy with some additional toppings like onions and peppers.

#6: Rubs

This is a great discovery that we’re excited to share with you! Rub the meat with mustard before seasoning the meat. The flavour of your meat is sure to increase exponentially.

Regardless of whether you’re smoking ribs, pork, or brisket, rub it with mustard sauce, and then seasoning with your favourite dry rub can do wonders. 

First, it helps your seasoning stick to the meat without falling off. And second, mustard is great for developing smoky flavours on the exterior of the meat. 

Use a sweet and hot mustard sauce

Mustard has always been a great addition to any cookout. 

The rich flavour helps bring out the meat’s inherent flavour and lends itself to creating unique blends that will leave you coming back for more.

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