Smoke on Wheels

Smoke on Wheels is a family BBQ team.

We love to cook and travel; making friends all over the country along the way. We have met some of our best friends in the world through this crazy thing called competition BBQ. Occasionally we get to invite some of those friends along with us, which makes it even more fun!

From Lake Placid to Palm Springs, it’s quite a ride; and we never know what to expect along the way.

In addition to our competition exploits, we also teach BBQ Classes, and have a couple of our competition-proven products available for you to try!

Competition Successes

Andy Groneman has been involved in competitive BBQ for over 20 years. He has wins under his belt for competitions in grilling, smoking, and other outdoor cooking:

  • 2012 National Champion – Chest to Chest Brisket Invitational
  • 180 Club – Perfect score Ribs , Chicken
  • 2010 Jack Daniels World Invitational – World Pork Champion
  • 2009 National Champion—Chest to Chest Brisket Invitational
  • 2009 New York “Empire State” Grand Champion
  • 2009 KCBS – Team of the Year -5th place
  • 2008—Reserve Grand Champion—American Royal
  • 25 x Grand Champions and winner of hundreds of BBQ awards