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Rob’s Smokin’ Rub

Rob’s Smokin’ Rub came into existence because I love to BBQ and wanted to try my hand at creating something that I could call my own. I began playing and mixing in my kitchen until I liked what I came up with and felt confident to use it in BBQ competitions in my area. I then gave away samples to friends and family. Soon they were all asking for more. When I began doing well in the competitions I knew I was onto something good and thought to myself, “Hey, I can do this”! In order for it to come to fruition, the next step was to come up with a name and logo for my business. Coming up with the name, Rob’s Smokin’ Rub was the easy part. But it was after sitting around with a few friends drinking beer that we decided on the Frog as our Logo. Why, you may ask, a Frog? ‘Cuz everyone knows a frog says, “Rub-it, Rub-it” and that is exactly what you do with a dry rub and meat.

My next creation was a sauce that complimented the rub on my ribs. Of course, we had to stick with the Frog theme; hence, FROG SAUCE was born. Now I was really excited! I was seeing great responses to the combination of my rubs and sauce used together. Rob’s Frog Sauce has a bold and tangy bite to it. Just enough heat to give it a kick but not too much that the flavor of the meat is lost. My wife then encouraged me to come up with a sauce for her gentler, sweeter side. Rob’s Frog Sauce, Sweet and Tangy, gives my wife just what she wants, a sauce that enhances her meat without the kick. It has the same bold and tangy taste, but a little sweeter than the original sauce. Both sauces compliment any meat, but can also be used as a condiment on your side dishes as well. Never a meal goes by at our house without Rob’s Frog Sauce on our table. It goes great on baked potatoes, pasta, corn on the cob, and most anything else you like to put a sauce on.

My goal now is to spread the word. I want everyone to know and enjoy the great tastes of Rob’s Smokin’ Rubs and Sauces. If you have a recipe or picture using our products, be sure to let us know. We’d love to hear from you.

-Rob Ryan

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