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habanero death dust 6 oz
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Oakridge BBQ ‘Habanero Death Dust’ Rub – 170g (6 oz)...

This product is being sold at a significantly discounted price for one of the following 3 reasons: 

  1. the container is damaged, but the product is still usable;
  2. the product is being discontinued;
  3. the product is approaching, or has passed, its Best By Date. Please note that products may be safely consumed after their Best By Date, but there may be some reduction in the quality of the product compared to when it was first manufactured.  

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Oakridge BBQ’s products have won over 3,500 ‘Top 10’ Awards in Professional BBQ Contests in the last 3 Years!!!

What started as just a side-project Limited Edition blend is now a legend in the BBQ rub industry; often hailed as the BEST Ultra-Hot barbecue rub in the World!  As with all Oakridge BBQ products, no expense has been spared in building this Signature Edition blend; sourcing the very best raw cane sugar, sea salt, source-verified spices, as well as the highest quality 350,000 Scoville-rated Habanero chiles available.  In this blend, you’ll also find smokey-hot Chipotle chilies, Guajillo, New Mexico and De Arbol chilies as well as 13 other herbs and spices.  The aroma is earthy and spicy, with the fragrance of habanero chiles immediately present.  The flavour profile starts sweet and savoury with hints of raw cane sugar, molasses, celery and garlic then in about 3 seconds slams into high gear with the flavour and heat of habanero chilies. This rub is HOT, but it also has a richness and depth of flavour unlike any other ultra-hot spice rub on the market today.

100% All Natural, with NO MSG, no fillers, artificial colors, flavours or additives.

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