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2016 Crucible Ghost Chile Rub 6 oz
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2016 Crucible Ghost Chile Rub 6 oz Back

Oakridge BBQ ‘Crucible’ Ghost Chile Rub – 170g (6 oz)...

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This product is being sold at a significantly discounted price for one of the following 3 reasons: 

  1. the container is damaged, but the product is still usable;
  2. the product is being discontinued;
  3. the product is approaching, or has passed, its Best By Date. Please note that products may be safely consumed after their Best By Date, but there may be some reduction in the quality of the product compared to when it was first manufactured.  

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It was a limited edition with only 694 units available world-wide in 2015, but now it’s back by popular demand…

Ghost Chile, also known by the name Bhut Jolokia, is one of the hottest chiles known to man.  It has a citrus-like, grapefruit flavor and an intense, searing heat that comes on slow and builds like a runaway freight train.  Oakridge BBQ have harnessed this beast of a chile and built a rub like none other.  While not diminishing the chiles notorious heat, Oakridge have carefully blended this rub to also showcase its wonderful citrus notes in ways never experienced before, developing a full long-lasting flavour that can walk lock-step with the serious heat of this chile.   For the heat-seekers among us, this rub is without peer.

This Limited Edition offering is only available in special hand-numbered 6 oz. black foil zip-top stand-up bags.  Each package contains the sequence number, as well as a UPC on the back label to guarantee its authenticity.

100% Gluten Free and All Natural, with NO MSG, no fillers, artificial colors, flavors or additives.

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