Old World Spices

Old World Spices & Seasonings is a premier manufacturer of custom blended, custom packaged, dry food products and seasonings. Owned and operated by the Jungk family, their combined three generations of experience in the food industry have garnered praise, awards, and reliance from food and marketing companies across North America and Europe. With state-of-the-art Research and Innovation lab in Overland Park, Kansas to support the production facility in Concordia, MO, Old World provides high end service to a wide variety of food related industries.

  • 1964 – John Jungk started as a salesperson for Basic Food Material, learning the spice trade under the tutelage of his father, Walter Jungk.
  • 1970 – John Jungk saw an opportunity to start his own company specializing in supplying seasonings to the pizza industry, which, at the time, was in its infancy. Jungk Seasoning Labs was started literally in his garage, with financial support coming several years later from Walter Jungk.
  • 1974 – Jungk Seasoning Labs was purchased by Far-Mar-Co, a division of Farmland Industries.
  • 1987 – Desiring to rekindle his entrepreneurial spirit, John founded Industrial Ingredient Sales, a brokerage and wholesale distributor of food ingredients and spices.
  • 1990 – John’s daughter, Amy Jungk, came to work with him as one of two employees.
  • 1992 – John’s daughter, Beth Benteman, joined the company, followed by his son-in-law, Russ Meinhardt, who was hired as a office manager, later to become CEO.

John Jungk’s customers and contacts recognized his expertise in seasoning development and blending. Jungk shifted his company’s focus from brokering and distributing bulk spices to that of a premier blender with an experienced team of food scientists and chefs in product development.

Industrial Ingredients Supply quickly expanded and began utilizing its library of formulas to season foods in a vast array of industries including bakery, meat, dairy, deli and specialty-gourmet food.

  • 1996 – The company’s name was changed to Old World Spices & Seasonings, Inc.
  • 1999 – A new line of branded gourmet mixes and meat rubs and marinades was launched, headed by John’s oldest daughter, Laurie Corbin.
  • 2006 – Laurie’s Kitchen Gourmet Products was launched.

Laurie’s Kitchen™, is a 23-product line of gourmet soup mixes, dip mixes and cheese ball mixes in upscale gourmet packaging, positioned for the gourmet, gift and specialty food trade. He named the new line for his eldest daughter, Laurie Corbin, who had passed away unexpectedly in 2001.

2009 – Old World’s latest expansion took them to Concordia, Missouri.
This new production facility provided the increased capacity to meet the growing demands of their customers, and was the launching pad for revamping Laurie’s Kitchen as a gluten free retail grocery line for the natural and health food markets and BBQ Spot, a vast selection of winning bbq sauces and rubs from around the country.

At the same time Old World’s corporate offices and Research & Innovation lab were relocated to Overland Park, Kansas.

Old World Spices & Seasonings has a customer base of more than 1,500 accounts that are distributed across the entire United States and Canada and produces private label blends that are being exported around the world.

With the infusion of a number of young, very talented people with exceptional work ethics, Old World now employs over 75 full and part time people.

“With the strength of our people, and loyalty of our customers, we are most proud of our stable growth through two recessions, our outstanding ratings from our Silliker Audits, and the longevity of our key employees with the company.” says John Jungk.

Old World currently maintains over 6,000 formulas in its library to help support its growth. Old World has vast array of packaging options, and a research and innovation department, all poised to serve a growing base of industrial, private label and branded gourmet customers. That’s why Old World is the right partner to have blending your best ideas.