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Make It Meaty

Make It Meaty Is Food Technology For Barbecue.

Make it Meaty was developed and tested by Bill Ames, a member of the Institute of Food Technologists. Our customers have achieved perfect scores of 180 and won numerous first place trophies, World Championships and Grand Championships.

Designed specifically for competition barbecue, Make it Meaty works on any meat. That’s because it’s designed to compliment and enhance your flavor profile, not replace it.

Make it Meaty injection base works three ways:

  • Increases juiciness for better texture
  • Enhances flavors – all flavors
  • Adds savory notes of umami

Further, it is less expensive to use than other injections.

Meat enhancers need to be added in specific amounts to work best, but flavor is something you add to taste. Make it Meaty separates the enhancers from the flavors, so you can add as much or as little flavor as you like…or none at all.

Make It Meaty – Directions for Use

Bill’s BBQ Brisket Method

A lot of people ask me for advice on cooking methods and recipes, and I hesitate, because I believe it should be your flavor profile. With that said, here’s what I made last night, and it was damn fine ‘cue 😉

For one quart of injection…enough for a 5 brisket flat, with room to spare.

Combine the following, then blend in a spice/coffee grinder until a consistent powder is achieved:

38g (3TBS) Make it Meaty (one quart packet)
22g (2TBS) 3 Eyz Beef Rub (not original)
25g (3TBS) Simple Beef Yeast Extract

Add this powdered mixture to a quart of cold (40 deg F) water and shake thoroughly. Inject in checkerboard pattern at one-inch intervals, soak with remainder in a Ziploc bag and refrigerate 6-10 hours.

Remove from Ziploc and rub with 3 Eyz Beef Rub. It’s important not to mop off the excess marinade/injection before rubbing… that’s important for bark formation.

You all may have more actual cooking experience than I do, but here’s what worked well for me..

Cook with a ramped temperature from 225 to 275 deg F for roughly 9 hours over charcoal and hickory chunks. Wrap after 5 hours, remove wrap for last hour. Remove from smoker when tender to probe, about 180-190 deg F internal temperature, allow to rest.

Slice, then baste with the following:

Mix 2 parts Make It Meaty Savory Premium and 1 part Make It Meaty Simple Beef yeast extract in water, add garlic and other seasonings to taste.

Sauce with BBQ Bob’s Hav’N a BBQ Sauce.


Endorsements are rolling in. Here’s what Dan Hixon, of 3EYZ barbecue (2012 KCBS Team of the Year) has to say:

“I’ve been competing on the BBQ circuit since 2006 and have been searching for something that would give me an advantage vs my competition ever since. You see, after a while, you’ll find its easy to cook good BBQ, but its not easy to deliver moist and succulent meat to judges after your BBQ has been sitting in a clamshell for 20 minutes. I can now stop searching as Make it Meaty IS that product. MIM gives my BBQ added moisture and improves its taste without added flavorings that might conflict with 3 Eyz BBQ’s flavor profile. Thank you for creating such an amazing product!”

–Dan Hixon

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