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Insider tips on how to make the best smoked beef brisket

smoked beef brisket

Insider tips on how to make the best smoked beef brisket

Smoked brisket is the undisputed king of the grill. If you have the perfect cut of beef with just the right amount of fat then you have all the makings of what could be a flavourful, smoked beef brisket.

Smoking beef brisket is considered an art by many and there are steps you need to follow if you want a succulent and tender brisket. From picking the right cut of meat to slicing the brisket after it’s been smoked, there are a number of almost ritualistic tips that can elevate your brisket.

Select the meat 

Selecting the right meat is crucial. Having the proper knowledge of the type of meat that you’re looking for and the ability to get the best grade of meat you need is crucial. 

Choose a brisket that has good marbling. The more marbling the brisket has the more fat it will have, which means that your brisket won’t dry out and will stay moist and tender. 

Trim the brisket

Remove the excess fat on the brisket. The layer of fat should be trimmed to an even amount.

Some briskets will also have grey meat which will need to be trimmed until you see the red meat come through. Be careful not to remove all of the fat so you don’t remove the meat’s ability to help lock in moisture and flavour.

Rub and season

As with any meat, a good smoked beef brisket gets its flavour not just from the meat itself but from the rubs and seasonings you use to bring out the flavour. 

While some may prefer to go with the basics—salt, pepper, and garlic—if you really want to enhance the flavour of the beef then use rubs and seasonings with complex flavour profiles to really elevate your cut of meat.

Wrap the brisket or not?

There are two ways you can go about smoking a beef brisket. 

First, if you do choose to wrap the brisket then do so when you are done with three-quarters of the smoking process. You can lock in more flavour and moisture when you wrap it at the tail end.

If you’re going for a long cook—12 to 16 hours—then you can cook it without the wrap, but you have to keep a very close eye on the meat since you don’t want to smoke it too much or too little. 

Always maintain a clean fire with little smoke to avoid the brisket tasting too smoky.

Stay patient!

The most important thing to remember is that there’s no set time to smoke a brisket. Every cut is different and it will take its own time to be smoked to perfection.

Investing in a good meat thermometer is one way to make sure that your brisket is smoking properly, but the most reliable way to keep track of how well it’s cooked is to go by the feel of the meat.

Let it rest

When your smoked beef brisket comes out of the smoker, keep in mind that it’s been smoking for hours and that you shouldn’t cut into it immediately.

Once it’s out, let it rest for at least an hour. If you cut into it too soon then you’re allowing the flavour and the fat to leak out of your brisket.

Slice the right way

After the meat is rested you can go ahead and slice it. Make sure that you slice the brisket across the grain. Slicing it in the direction of the grain will make the brisket tough and stringy.

Another tip is to slice it right when you’re ready to eat without leaving it on the table for too long since the brisket starts to deteriorate the moment you cut into it.

Get the best smoked beef brisket—every time!

Using these steps as a guide, you can now create your very own mouth-watering smoked beef brisket without leaving the process all to chance.

Pay attention to every step, from purchasing the brisket to serving it up—they all count when you’re trying to master the art of the best smoked brisket.

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