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Must-have ingredients in BBQ marinade for chicken wings

BBQ marinade for chicken wings

Must-have ingredients in BBQ marinade for chicken wings

What makes BBQ chicken wings so delicious? It’s not just the way you cook them—the marinade you use plays a pretty big role too!

Marinades don’t just add a lot of flavour to your chicken wings; they also help make your wings tender and juicy. Another great thing about marinades is that you can make them however you want, and if you’re not in the mood to create a good marinade, you can always get some good pre-made ones!

On that note, if you’re thinking of buying marinades, you might want to look at the ingredients. There are a whole load of delicious pre-made marinades out there, but not all of them will be right for your tastebuds. So checking to see if they have that one special ingredient that makes them stand out can really help with finding the perfect BBQ marinade for chicken wings.

So here are a few must-have ingredients in BBQ marinade for chicken wings that you should look out for.

Brown sugar

If you like your grilled chicken wings to have a touch of sweetness, you should pick out a marinade that includes brown sugar as one of the ingredients. 

Brown sugar can sweeten up your chicken wings a lot. Also, the brown sugar can caramelise when you grill your chicken wings, adding a whole new dimension of flavour to your dish!

But make sure not to grill your chicken wings for too long if the marinade has any kind of sugar in it. While the sugar can caramelise, grilling wings for too long in sugary marinade could lead to them getting scorched.

Garlic powder

Adding some garlic can give almost any dish a delicious savoury kick. But if you don’t have some good garlic cloves to add to your marinade, you can always get a pre-made marinade that includes garlic powder!

Garlic powder in marinade, of course, adds garlic flavour to your chicken wings. You won’t need to shop for garlic cloves to add along with the marinade. 

Also, if you’re a fan of the garlic flavour but not of the texture and feel of the cloves on your chicken wings, marinades with garlic powder are a great choice.


Butter makes everything better. The same applies to chicken wings! Buttering up your chicken wings can make them taste heavenly.

But sometimes when you cover chicken wings in butter, you won’t have much room for marinade. So how about getting a marinade that comes with butter included?

These marinades come with butter as the main ingredient and a plethora of wonderful spices that can make your chicken wings irresistible! A buttery marinade is also a great choice for grilled veggies if you plan on having any to accompany your chicken wings.

Tea leaves

We’re all tea fans here in the UK, but did you know that you can infuse the flavour of sweet tea into your chicken wings too?

That’s right—there are marinades that feature tea leaves as a main ingredient!

With marinades containing tea leaves, you can wow your guests by giving your chicken wings a unique flavour reminiscent of afternoon tea. And you won’t have to use any of your own tea leaves for your BBQ chicken wings!

Smoked paprika

Want to give your chicken wings a spicy yet smoky flavour? Then look for a marinade that features smoked paprika!

Smoked paprika is a bit different from regular paprika. It offers a spicy, woodsy, and smoky flavour that you don’t usually get from regular paprika. 

Paired with other unique ingredients like apple juice, marinades with smoked paprika can make your chicken wings both fragrant and super tasty.

Take your grilling up a notch with BBQ marinade for chicken wings 

Chicken wings are one of the best grilled dishes you can treat your guests to. They’re easy to eat and you can include many condiments to go with them. So if you’re planning on making irresistible chicken wings, make sure to get some BBQ marinade with just the right ingredients!

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