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How to make the most of seafood by using the best seafood seasonings

Seafood seasonings

How to make the most of seafood by using the best seafood seasonings

Cooking with seafood is a great way to bring in a diverse range of flavours. From prawns and crabs to scallops and mussels, there’s always something for everyone to sink their teeth into. 

One of the best things about seafood is that they don’t need a lot of prep. The flavour of the seafood combined with the natural flavours of the ocean makes this quite a simple protein to cook. If that’s not enough, it’s one of the quickest proteins to cook in case you’re thinking of having a last-minute cookout.

If you’re thinking about adding some flavour to your next grilled seafood platter then there is an array of herbs and spices that can perfectly flavour your seafood.

Here are some of the best herbs, spices, and blends to look out for in your favourite rubs and seafood seasonings to elevate your grilled seafood dishes.


If you’re thinking about seafood and the best flavours to pair with it, dill should be at the top of your list. While it’s mostly used as a garnish, this herb has a delicate flavour that complements the equally delicate flavour of seafood.

Dill has a pungent and clean flavour that pairs perfectly with a delicate fish and you can also add some lemon sauce to perfectly highlight every single flavour profile.

Smoked paprika

While it’s easy to assume that there’s no difference between regular paprika and smoked paprika—the smoked version adds a completely different depth of flavour to your dishes. 

Smoked paprika is considered one of the most popular seafood seasonings because it adds an earthy and woody flavour to your seafood. 

On a separate note, if you’re making a sauce to go with your shellfish or fish, you can even sprinkle some smoked paprika into the sauce to bring out the flavour.


If you’re looking for an aromatic and spicy grilled seafood dish, ginger is a top contender. The zest of ginger works well with the natural flavours of fish and other seafood and adds an Asian touch to your seafood dish.

Whether you’re grilling shrimp or smoking fish, ginger adds a bit of spice for those who are looking for that flavour punch.


Tarragon comes in three main types: Russian, French, and Mexican. 

French tarragon has a mild flavour whereas the Russian variety has a more pungent and strong flavour profile.

If you’re cooking fatty fish like salmon, for instance, you can use seafood seasoning with tarragon to season the fish before you put it on the grill. You can even use it to season seafood that you’re already cooking by smoking or wrapping it in a foil and placing it on the grill.

One important thing to remember about tarragon is that it can have quite an intense flavour and should be used sparingly. However, if it’s in a store-bought seasoning blend, then the ratio is usually perfected and you don’t have to worry about it overpowering your seafood.

The best seafood seasonings for your next summer cookout

If you’ve ever been to a cookout, you’ll know that there’s always someone who prefers seafood over meat.

While seafood has a delicate flavour, it can be enhanced with the right seafood seasoning. Selecting a rub or seasoning that is a perfect blend of the right ingredients can greatly improve the depth of flavour of your seafood.

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