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Grilling your way to a healthier you in 2022

Healthy grilling

Grilling your way to a healthier you in 2022

The irresistible smokey flavour, the mouthwatering marinades, and perfectly placed grill marks are all things we love about a good plate of grilled food. 

It being much better for you than its fried counterparts is just a happy coincidence. We’re still settling into 2022, so it’s also the perfect option to keep up with our healthy resolutions.

If you’re a grill master, then you’ll already know that grilling food locks in moisture. So you’re less likely to smear extra butter or grease to jazz up your meat and veggies—translating to fewer calories.

Even though grilling is a comparatively healthy option that doesn’t mean that devouring chunks of meat is good for you, so here are some tips to help you grill your way to a healthier you this year.

Grill those veggies

Healthy grilling styles

Let’s face it. Eating fruits and vegetables isn’t exciting. 

We know it’s healthy and good for us, but how many of us start salivating over a plate of veggies? Not enough to brag about.

Grilling can make your daily vitamin and mineral intake more appetising without taking away from their health benefits. They can also make for a great side dish to balance out a plate of assorted grilled meats.

Preparing fruits and vegetables like tomatoes, onions, zucchinis, apples, pineapples, and mangoes can give your grilled meat that extra punch of flavour to balance out your taste buds.

Since we’re on the topic of fruits and veggies, we also can’t ignore the importance of having a bowl of crisp salad to go with some tender grilled meat. It’s also the perfect excuse to sneak some veggies into your diet.

Lean on lean meats

Some of you out there may argue that it’s the layers of fat that truly give grilled meat that succulent texture. 

We’re here to argue that there are other ways to enhance the flavour of your meat that doesn’t involve you consuming layers of fat.

Lean meats like turkey, skinless chicken, and certain types of red meat are the best options for a lean diet. If you do come across a cut of meat that you can’t tear yourself away from, then trim the fat off the meat before you throw it on the grill.

If you’re still not convinced that lean meats can pack a punch, then this next tip is sure to make you think.

Lather on the marinade!

If you’re wondering how marinating can be healthy, well, according to research marinating your meat before grilling can reduce harmful compounds from forming on your meat. 

A good solid marinade makes all the difference when you’re grilling—regardless of whether it’s meat, fruits, or vegetables. 

You can use everyday household items like lemons, soy sauce, honey, herbs, and even wine to create an incredible marinade that enhances the flavour of your food. Selecting a good spice rub can also give you that extra punch of flavour.

Make sure that the marinade you use is either fat-free or low-fat because we are trying to stick to our healthy diet after all 🤏

Get active

Grilling is predominantly an outdoor activity. Whether we’re in our backyard throwing a frisbee or splashing around at a pool party, grilling is generally surrounded by a flurry of celebratory activity.

We’re constantly on our feet and moving around, which I think we can all agree is just an added health bonus to the grilling experience!

Getting healthy never tasted this good

If you’re one of the millions who made a New Year’s resolution centred around getting healthy, but you’re not quite sure where to start, then make grilling a part of your everyday life.

Whether it’s meat, fruits, or vegetables, grilling can leave you craving for more of the good stuff. 

Aside from using tasty and healthy condiments, there are many options that we hope piqued your interest—and your taste buds. 

So, dust off that grill and try some of these suggestions out to make your New Year’s health goals sizzle.

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