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Genius ways to use Killer Hogs BBQ Sauce in your dishes

Genius ways to use Killer Hogs BBQ Sauce in your dishes

When it comes to adding flavour, it’s easy to forget that there’s a whole world out there with sauces and seasonings that can be used in a variety of dishes and in several different ways to test the flexibility of your products.

With Killer Hogs BBQ sauce and seasoning, this is precisely what you can look forward to. From ribs and steaks to chops, there are some classic options where the right sauce can add in-depth flavours—but why stop there? 

Sauces aren’t great just for cuts of meat; there are many other ways that you can use these products to spice up your dishes, whether it’s for a humble meal for one or a feast for an entire family.

If you’re interested in finding new and genius ways to use your sauce or Killer Hogs seasoning products, read on to take a close look at some other options that are sure to do the trick.

Grilled chicken pizza

Killer Hogs BBQ sauce isn’t just for thick cuts of meat anymore. It’s time to think outside of the box and find new and innovative ways to use the sauce in other popular dishes. 

Pizza is one of the best ways to incorporate this sauce by replacing regular tomato sauce with it. Simply knead your pizza dough and add the sauce as the base and all your favourite fixings with a layer of cheese. Pop it on the grill for an authentic smoky and grilled flavour. 

Once it’s out of the grill, top it with some fresh cilantro or grated cheese to create the perfect pizza that’ll taste like it’s straight out of an Italian pizzeria!

Salad dressings

Ever thought of using Killer Hogs for your salad dressing? You simply have to turn your sauce into a vinaigrette and toss it in with your salad ingredients.

You can prepare a basic vinaigrette by whisking together some olive oil and lemon juice and adding the blend into a small bottle. Add some of the sauce to the bottle and shake it well until it creates a vinaigrette texture and consistency. You can also add other ingredients to enjoy the flavours you love and then drizzle the vinaigrette on top of your salad.

Killer Hogs is so versatile and can be used in so many dishes in different ways if you have the right idea and the imagination for it.

Pulled pork buns or sandwiches

Let’s face it. Pulled pork buns or sandwiches are a favourite at any gathering. The tender meat coupled with a toasted bun with sesame seeds and a nice tangy slaw to bring all the flavours together is a welcome addition to any table.

Adding some Killer Hogs seasoning or even some Killer Hogs BBQ sauce can give your dish the boost it needs.

Whether you want to make pulled sandwiches or buns using pork, chicken, or even tofu for vegetarian lovers, replacing a traditional tomato sauce with a nice tangy and flavoursome Killer Hogs sauce that can elevate your dish is one of the best culinary decisions you can make.

Killer Hogs BBQ sauce is a versatile option for cooking, grilling, and smoking

Sauces and seasonings are incredibly versatile. Most amateurs or beginners usually opt for the traditional method of using these ingredients and tend to forget that there are so many different ways of using these products.

Killer Hogs products are incredibly versatile and you can use them in unique ways to expand your range of grilled or smoked dishes by including more varieties and options for everyone.

So don’t just stick to your typical steaks and ribs—with just a bit of innovative thinking, you can create some exquisite dishes for any occasion using Killer Hogs.

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