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Fergolicious BBQ

So an Italian and a Mexican walk into a BBQ contest…

Who we are…

Richard Fergola
AKA “Fergie”
He secretly wishes he was as a Backstreet Boy, he’s a Leo and a former Chip n Dale dancer who loves Dairy Queen, and has a mean front headlock

Richard Fergola – Pitmaster Richards journey into the world of BBQ began in the kitchen learning how to prepare family favorites with his Mom and Grandmother. Today he still carries on the family secrets and has found a way to stay true to his roots. His love of Italian food opened the door and lead him to his current obsession with smoke and fire. Richard’s passion, preparation, organization, determination and planning made him a successful wrestler and coach, and now he applies those same attributes and more into the competition cooking arena. His commitment and desire to be the greatest at everything he does has helped make Fergolicious BBQ what it is today.

Rick Jimenez
AKA “Haus”
He once ate 13 pieces of cake in one hour, he has a rare collection of dream catchers, still listens to New Kids on the Block, has a pet rock named Fluffy, and can sleep anywhere at at any time.

Rick Jimenez – Pitmaster in Training Rick is a long-time friend of Richard’s. 25 years they have been friends and over the past couple of years, Rick has taken a lot of interest in helping Fergolicious out on the BBQ trail. In 2016, Rick started assisting at competitions and has become a great asset. Rick brings a lot of management experience to the team . Rick hopes to continue to spending more time with Fergolicious on their road to the top.

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