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Essential tips to follow for mouthwatering smoked BBQ ribs every time

Smoked BBQ ribs

Essential tips to follow for mouthwatering smoked BBQ ribs every time

We’ve all been to cookouts where burgers, hotdogs, and kebabs take over the grill because they’re simply easier to cook. Rarely do we come across an adventurous and brave soul who whips out the smoker to prepare some smoked BBQ ribs.

For those of you looking to venture out into the art of smoking ribs, here are some simple yet essential tips that will help your smoked BBQ ribs come out on top.

Use dry rubs

When you’re smoking ribs, dry rubs are the best way to go—be sure to add a liberal amount of your favourite rubs. It’s also a good idea to let the ribs marinate for a few hours so that the meat can soak up the flavour of the rub.

Tip: Select a rub that has a good balance of flavours to create the most mouthwatering smoked ribs. Garlic, pepper, lemon, and even a little bit of sweetness can go a long way to making your ribs pop.

Select the best-flavoured wood pellets for your smoked ribs

The flavour of the wood pellet you select will greatly determine the outcome of your smoked ribs. Here are a few popular smocked pellet flavours to elevate your meat and add that extra depth of flavour.


Pecan provides a mild flavour that doesn’t take away from the meat. You’ll still be able to taste the authentic flavours of the rib.

Fruit woods 

Pellets with flavours of apple and cherry are quite strong. Using them to smoke pork or beef is perfect because not only do they complement the meat, but also don’t overpower that delectable flavour.


This is another boldly flavoured wood pellet that’s ideal for meat cuts with a strong flavour.

How to properly use your preferred flavoured wood pellets

Smoked BBQ ribs have an incredible depth of flavour, but there are certain tips that must be followed to get the full smoky experience.

Tip #1: Always make sure that the grill is covered. Eliminate any possibility of the smoke and the aroma of the wood escaping the smoker. This will help the meat absorb as much smoky flavour as possible.

Tip #2: Soak one cup of wood pellets in water for about 2 hours before you start smoking. Once they have been properly soaked, you can place them on the smoker.

Tip #3: When the wood pellets start smoking, you can begin preparing your ribs. Keep in mind that the more wood pellets you use the more smoky flavour you’ll be getting.

Use a meat thermometer to check the doneness

Checking the internal temperature of your smoked BBQ ribs is essential to ensuring that it isn’t overcooked or undercooked. However, this is a key element of smoking that is often overlooked.

While there are professional pitmasters capable of accurately determining the doneness of the meat based on the touch and feeling alone, it’s always a good investment to purchase a meat thermometer if you’re starting off or even if you’re a seasoned pitmaster.

Smoking typically is done over a long period of time so it is crucial to ensure that you’re cooking the meat at the right temperature without making assumptions.

Become a master at smoked ribs

Smoked BBQ ribs are a welcome addition with robust flavours to any cookout anywhere in the world. 

By nailing these essential tips, you’re not just enhancing the succulent flavours of the meat, you’re also giving yourself the best chance of achieving a perfectly cooked plate of ribs.

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