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Code 3 Spices

Code 3 Spices

About Us

Chris Bohnemeier, a BBQ enthusiast and grill master, teamed up with his friend Mike Radosevich, a Police Officer of 15 years, joined forces to create a BBQ competition team. Located just outside of the St. Louis metropolitan area, they soon realized that their style of spices they designed and utilized were well received in the BBQ community. The team has received multiple awards in local BBQ competitions.

Chris and Mike developed 5 highly satisfying, award winning, professional based seasonings to make the perfect BBQ! After teaming up with a local manufacturer to replicate their special blends, Chris and Mike are now able to introduce to you the perfect products through their Rescue Rub, 5-O Rub, Backdraft Rub, Grunt Rub and Sea Dog Rub. Not only will you love the outcome of your BBQ and various other foods, but you will find it to be an everyday staple in your spice rack.

Our Passion

Chris and Mike didn’t create this company solely to bring you the best blends. They also share a great passion for the men and women who serve as first responders and in military services. Chris’s father served in a private sector of law enforcement and his sister currently is a law enforcement officer in the midwest. They have seen firsthand what first responders and the military contribute to all of us and decided they needed to give back through their own passion. Portions of each Code 3 Spices sale will be donated to organizations that support Police, Fire, Medical and Military Personnel.

They invite you to join in their mission.

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