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Big Swede BBQ

Big Swede BBQ Rubs

About Big Swede BBQ

Big Swede BBQ is a Grilling and BBQ Event company whose purpose is to spread the joy of outdoor cooking. We achieve this by teaching and educating people around the world to cook better food outside using fire. We give cooking classes, live and video demos, develop recipes and offer customized cooking events.

We also have a line of Award-Winning BBQ rubs, sold both online and through retail outlets in the US, Australia and Europe.

Our philosophy is that when people come together around an open fire, a BBQ pit or a grill, social interactions and bonds are strengthened and life, in an instant, becomes more BADASS.

We hope that our paths will meet and that there will be an open fire and some food to cook…

Johan “Big Swede” Magnusson

Big Swede BBQ

About Big Swede BBQ Rubs

The Big Swede BBQ Badass BBQ Boosts are bold and flavorful rubs with a perfect balance of sweet, hot, savory and salty flavors. They are serious competition grade rubs that will lift your meat to the next level.

Our goal is to always create rubs that adds great color, great flavor and great texture to the meat it is intended for. We want our rubs to compliment the meat and to lift the meat to new heights – not to overpower the meat.

Our rubs cater to professional chefs, competition pitmasters and backyard BBQ heroes alike. ​We strive to continually improve our recipes and blend and we appreciate any customer feedback.

Big Swede BBQ – Videos & Recipes

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