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2 Pig Mafia


The Steak Cookoff Association is the sanctioning body which consists of SCA: Europe, Asia, Japan, Australia and the U.S, and the SCA World Championship is the largest Steak Cookoff in the World. Each year, cooks from around the world compete to get a chance to qualify for the SCA World Champion Title. In order to qualify, you need to win an event. Once a year, all the winners collect in Fort Worth, Texas for the SCA World Championship.

The 2019 event featured the largest payout in Steak Cookoff history. There were 300 teams that attended from all over the world., and there was a preliminary round in which particiaption was required to make the finals. Robby got 5th in his division. Robby then cooked in the finals where he got 1st place to win the 2019 SCA World Championship and keep the trophy in Texas! Robby has bottled his steak seasoning that won the Championship for him, Two Pig Mafia Steak Seasoning.

Robby has been competitive cooking for over 5 years and qualified to compete in the SCA World Championship 4 years in a row and placed 9th in the World Food Championship for Steak in 2018.

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